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Featuring Five Colourful Fans Of Cricket


Chacha Cricket

Chacha Cricket (Chaudhry Abdul Jalil) is adored worldwide for his eccentric support for the Pakistan team. It is easy to recognize him. You see a man with white beard, wearing a full green ‘shalwarkameez’ and a white cap decorated with sequined stars and a crescent moon (which resembles Pakistan’s national flag) and you’ll know that he is none other than Pakistan’s favorite uncle. He came into limelight when he regularly attended cricket matches held in Sharjah in the 1980s. He later resigned from his job and realized that the stands needed him more than his office cabin. Impressed with his enormous support for Pakistan, his countrymen started calling him Chacha Cricket (The Cricket Uncle). As his fame increased, the Pakistan Cricket Board agreed to sponsor him so that he could travel around the world following the National team. His fitness needs to be complemented heavily because even at 65 years of age, he doesn’t miss a single opportunity where he can display his love for the nation.