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Fitness -“The Mahi Way”


MS Dhoni an attacking right-handed middle-order batsman and wicket keeper, is widely regarded as one of the greatest finishers in limited-over’s cricket isn’t just one of India’s greatest captains but also a fitness fanatic. As per The Telegraph, “Speed and agility comes naturally to Dhoni.

He is one the fastest Indian Cricketer’s to run between the wickets. However surprisingly Dhoni is not really fond of training and is not the one to run the extra mile. Being muscular and strong, Dhoni can do any challenging exercise in the gym as he has a pretty low body fat percentage. Dhoni mentions he is from the mountains from Almora, based in Uttaranchal.

Dhoni has been working on the training schedule given by Gregory King his trainer. While most of the cricketers of current generation hit the gym to be fit Dhoni prefers to play badminton which helps his footwork and hones his reflexes and it also helps improve the eyesight. To be able to do hundreds of squats a day behind the wicket, and then come out to bat means one has to be extremely fit. Hence, Dhoni prefers high intensity training as opposed to regular exercise.

When it comes to his diet, Dhoni’s soft corner for butter chicken does not distract his daily diet. His breakfast usually consists of porridge with fresh fruits and nuts along with a glass of milk and his lunch consists of rotis with daal and chicken. He also includes fibre with a mixed veggie salad, and a chicken sandwich snack when hunger strikes him.

During matches, Dhoni is seen hydrating himself by drinking protein drinks and fresh juices. Dhoni seems to be very fond of milk and milk products as they are good source of instant energy and he drinks milk on a daily basis. Dhoni also prefers to drink fresh juices and his suggestion is not to have the packaged ones. Dhoni strongly believes in burning the excessive fat. So, if you are consuming some fat, you should be willing to work hard as well.

Dhoni has a great flexibility in his mental game, a player who originally sets his strategy in all forms of Cricket on pure attack. M.S. Dhoni is one of those players who accepts the challenge of pressure that cricket offers, not only is he extremely calm under pressure, but he also communicates confidence to his players regardless of what the match situation is.

MS Dhoni is strong in body and mind. And he executes this very effectively on field through his players and his own game. Being a Wicket Keeper and getting an eagle’s eye view of the match situation from behind the stumps has only helped Dhoni to be a calmer much more smarter and an effective Captain, exactly knowing how to make the best use of the resources given to him. With this one can see how simple M.S. Dhoni’s mantra of fitness is without doing much he believes in just doing it right.

This is what he encourages all budding cricketer’s to do and wishes them luck for their career.

– by Cresinda D Costa

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