Home Cricket News Former Indian Cricketer Deletes A “Corrupt guy” Tweet Due To Fans Linking It To BCCI, Later Reposts It

Former Indian Cricketer Deletes A “Corrupt guy” Tweet Due To Fans Linking It To BCCI, Later Reposts It

Former Indian Cricketer Deletes A “Corrupt guy” Tweet Due To Fans Linking It To BCCI, Later Reposts It

Former Indian cricketer Venkatesh Prasad deleted a tweet in which he referred to “one corrupt and arrogant individual” tarnishing the reputation of a “typically honest organization.”

In his now-deleted tweet, Prasad expressed, “It takes a single corrupt, arrogant person to stain the hard-earned integrity of an organization, not just on a small scale but on a larger leadership level.”

Although he didn’t explicitly mention any names or organizations, two other tweets he posted around the same time criticizing the BCCI led fans to connect the dots and associate his critical remarks with the Indian cricket board.

Prasad gained significant attention on Friday due to his impactful tweets over the past two days regarding the Asian Cricket Council’s decision to allocate a reserve day exclusively to the India vs. Pakistan Super 4 stage match in the Asia Cup and the ticket issues for the upcoming ICC World Cup 2023 in India.

While his tweets about the Asia Cup’s reserve day garnered widespread attention on Thursday, his remarks regarding World Cup tickets and scheduling quickly went viral.

Former Indian cricket star erases ‘corrupt guy’ tweet as fans connect it to BCCI

When a user named X inquired about the reason behind Prasad deleting his tweet, the former fast bowler explained that his tweet had been misconstrued and taken out of context.

“That was a general tweet where I spoke about how one person who is corrupt can undo a lot of good work of his organisation and it can have large-scale implications on a macro level as well in any field.”

“Since I was also speaking about the inefficiency of the BCCI around tickets in other tweets, it led to confusion and looked out of context. Hence deleted,” he said.

Nevertheless, during the early hours of Sunday, Prasad re-shared his tweet. In his renewed message, he stated, “It only takes a single corrupt, arrogant individual to undermine the efforts of an otherwise honest organization and tarnish the reputation of the entire entity.”

“The repercussions are not limited to a small scale but have far-reaching consequences, a truth applicable across various domains, including politics, sports, journalism, and corporate sectors,” as expressed by the former bowler.

The two additional tweets he posted, which could have caused the misunderstanding, addressed issues concerning the approaching ODI World Cup.

“There is no debate and doubt on the fact that we have messed up the lead-up to the World Cup. Unreasonable delay in schedule in the first place and if that wasn’t enough changing the schedule hampered 5 matches in the process.”

“If that wasn’t enough a completely non-transparent and inefficient ticket system only encouraging black marketeers. It is a proud moment to be hosting a World Cup and it should have been a great time for the fans.”

“But these difficulties for the fans doesn’t look unplanned. It’s time we wake up and not make this incompetence a norm just because “Yes Men” around don’t want to speak up. It is a matter of national prestige,” Prasad wrote.

The schedule for this year’s ODI World Cup faced an unusually prolonged delay, and when it was eventually unveiled, it was revealed that further alterations would be made due to security issues.

The ICC and BCCI eventually presented the revised and definitive World Cup schedule with less than two months remaining until the tournament, disrupting fans’ preparations.

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