Home Cricket News ‘Gambhir Envious, Can’t Handle Kohli’s Success’: Pakistan Player Reveals Ugly IPL Dispute

‘Gambhir Envious, Can’t Handle Kohli’s Success’: Pakistan Player Reveals Ugly IPL Dispute

‘Gambhir Envious, Can’t Handle Kohli’s Success’: Pakistan Player Reveals Ugly IPL Dispute

The heated clash between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir during IPL 2023 has resurfaced, with a former Pakistan opener shedding light on the incident.

Ahmed Shehzad claims that Gambhir is jealous of Kohli’s success and is spreading animosity within the Lucknow Super Giants team.

The altercation between Kohli and Gambhir, which almost turned physical, occurred two months ago after Royal Challengers Bangalore’s victory over Lucknow Super Giants.

Despite the argument involving Naveen-ul-Haq and Kohli, Gambhir inserted himself into the situation, showing his protective nature towards his players.

Kohli and Naveen continued their disagreement through cryptic Instagram stories.

While Gambhir eventually broke his silence by stating that any conflict between him and Kohli stays on the field.

However, according to Ahmed Shehzad, a former Pakistani cricketer, Gambhir’s actions are fueled by pure jealousy towards Kohli.

Shehzad was once compared to Kohli due to their physical resemblance. He accuses Gambhir of influencing young players negatively within the Lucknow Super Giants team.

Shehzad finds Gambhir’s behavior towards his fellow countryman troubling, especially considering that Kohli is currently one of the world’s biggest cricket stars.

He believes that Gambhir’s gestures towards Kohli were inappropriate and stemmed from jealousy.

Shehzad suggests that if an Indian superstar receives criticism from someone within the team, such as Naveen in this case, it indicates that there is hatred brewing within the dressing room.

Reflecting on the infamous face-off between Kohli and Gambhir a decade ago, Shehzad speculates on the origins of their strained relationship.

While Gambhir once shared his Player of the Match award with Kohli on the latter’s maiden ODI century, things seem to have soured since then.

Shehzad controversially asserts that Gambhir’s animosity towards Kohli intensified as the latter achieved unprecedented levels of superstardom, something Gambhir could only dream of.

According to Shehzad, Gambhir appears to be seeking opportunities to create controversy with Kohli out of jealousy

Shehzad defends Kohli as a cricket legend who deserves respect. He criticizes Gambhir for not being able to digest Kohli’s achievements.

Shehzad questions Gambhir’s gesture of sharing an award, asking if Kohli requested it or if Gambhir believes that such an act gives him the right to misbehave with Kohli indefinitely.

He concludes by urging Gambhir to realize his mistake, apologize to Kohli, and acknowledge the respect and success the younger player has attained.

He also criticizes the team management for intervening in the dispute between two players.

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