Home Cricket News “Geez, Thanks a Lot, Buddy!” – Rahul Dravid Snaps At Reporter Over ’97 Test Memories

“Geez, Thanks a Lot, Buddy!” – Rahul Dravid Snaps At Reporter Over ’97 Test Memories

“Geez, Thanks a Lot, Buddy!” – Rahul Dravid Snaps At Reporter Over ’97 Test Memories

India head coach Rahul Dravid faced a challenging moment during a press conference before the T20 World Cup 2024 match against Afghanistan, as he was reminded of some painful memories from his playing days. Dravid, who is renowned for his remarkable career with the Indian cricket team, has a less-than-impressive record in Barbados.

This fact was brought up by a reporter, which visibly irritated Dravid and caused him to momentarily lose his composure. Dravid responded to the reporter by delving into his mindset, explaining that he is someone who quickly moves past previous experiences and focuses on his current role as a coach, rather than dwelling on his past performances as a player.

He recounted his visit to Barbados in 1997 when India played against the West Indies. During that Test match in Bridgetown, Dravid scored 78 and 2 runs, but India ultimately lost by 38 runs. Now, over 25 years later, Dravid emphasized that his priority is the present and the job he has as a coach, rather than reflecting on those past games.

Rahul Dravid

Reporter: “Rahul, you as a player, you have played here. Not the best memories of the ’97 Test?”

Dravid: “Geez, thanks a lot, buddy! I have had some other decent memories here as well.”

Reporter: “That is actually my question. A chance for you to probably make new and much better memories tomorrow?”

Dravid: “God man! I am not trying to make new anything, man! My focus is entirely on helping the team perform well now. What happened in ’97 is in the past, and I’m here to concentrate on our current goals and strategies as a coach. We are working hard to prepare the team for the game, and that’s where my attention lies.”

As a coach, Dravid is intent on looking ahead and preparing his team for the challenges of the T20 World Cup, rather than letting past performances weigh him down. His focus remains steadfastly on guiding his team to success in the current tournament.

Despite the reminders of his previous struggles in Barbados, Dravid is committed to his role and determined to perform well in his capacity as a coach. This outlook highlights his ability to separate his illustrious playing career from his coaching responsibilities, underscoring his professional resilience and dedication to his current position.

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