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Guess who”s training with Aussies? The fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt!

It”s already Ashes week! And guess who”s training with the Aussies? None other than the fastest man on the earth, Usain Bolt! Yes! Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt is helping Australians, instill explosiveness in their running ahead of Ashes 2017-18. Bolt was at the MCG, training with Peter Handscomb, Aaron Finch, Glenn Maxwell and Ashton Agar.

“It”s all about explosiveness, and that”s one thing I”ve noticed with cricket – they don”t really have a lot of explosiveness when they”re running. They seem to always take off at a slow rate. Getting that right will definitely help people.” Bolt told The Herald Sun.

“We”re trying to make awareness more of running (as an asset in cricket) and we”re developing the Bolt Rate which is the quickest person through the wicket. I”m happy about that because we”re going to see who is the fastest of the wickets. Nobody can assume – now we”ll actually know who”s the fastest.” the 31-year-old Jamaican said.

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Gatorade has announced a new award called “Gatorade Fastest Run Trophy” which they will be presenting to the fastest runner between the wickets throughout the season. If such contest were to take place we already know the winner! Don”t we?

Peter Handscomb said he will give his best shot at Gatorade Fastest Run Trophy. “He was giving us a few pointers on how to get a little bit faster,” Handscomb said.

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“We”ll give it a crack. He was trying to get us nice and low in the turn and in and out. The first couple of steps are key and if we can get them right, we”ll be fast. Obviously, he”s the fastest man ever so if we can have the title with him, that”d be cool.” Handscomb further added.


The first Ashes test starts at Gabba on November 23.

– by Atharva Apte