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Here Are Twitter reactions poured in as IPL Auctions took place


Every year there”s one day in Indian Cricket that not only get the usual audiences go wide eyes and watch with interest but does the same to players around Indian Cricket as well, that is, IPL auction day.

Players from Indian domestic cricket usually don”t have games while the auction takes place and hence can watch their dream getting fulfill which is to play in IPL and become millionaires.

IPL is not only a money making competition by BCCI, it is a fantastic opportunity for Indian domestic cricketers to rub shoulders with International cricketers from India and Overseas.

Just imagine a young cricketer gets to spend 6 weeks with MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and is getting paid for playing his favorite sport, a win-win situation isn”t it.

It”s always been a great opportunity for overseas players as well to gain invaluable experience of India cricketing and culturally as well.

Various overseas cricketers have really enjoyed their stay in India across 2 months every year since the inception of the concept that is the IPL in 2008.

The people, the food, the clothes the uniqueness of it all from what they usually see back home really excites overseas stars coming to India. And they”ve been big admirers of the opportunity that IPL provides them.

And social media really took notice of the current auction going on, the day 1 saw a plethora of buys and money being put into different players by various franchisees to get their team squads & combinations right.

Twitter reactions came pouring in from various corners at different buys and the prizes at which they went.

At most stages, #IPLAuction was trending right at the top and with more than various thousands tweets. Twitter was buzzing and why not, IPL auctions have now become a very substantial date in Indian Cricket.

Experts and others alike really gave their own insights,

Here Are Some Twitter Reactions 





IPL auctions a day everyone awaits, take notice and the day where dreams come true.

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