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Here is why the fans will have to pay more for the stadium tickets for the India-Australia ODI match in Kolkata

The ticket prices for the upcoming India-Australia series scheduled to be played next month will be costlier as the new tax rate under the GST will be levied on the prices of the tickets as per government regulations.

As per GST, 28% tax rate will be charged on the prices of the tickets thus making the tickets costlier than before. The minimum price of the ticket was today increased from Rs. 500 to Rs. 650 after applying 28 percent GST. Similarly, other tickets would cost Rs. 1300 and Rs. 1900, increasing from Rs 1000 and Rs. 1500 respectively.

While talking about the increase in ticket prices, the Cricket Association of Bengal’s President Sourav Ganguly said, “Ticket prices have remained the same, just the GST has been added,”

The prestigious Eden Gardens will host one of the five ODI’s against Australia which is expected to take place on 21st September.

“Test tickets are sold on a daily basis. It’s Rs. 100 tickets, so there’s no GST,” Ganguly said when he was asked about the prices of the tickets for the test against Sri Lanka. Kolkata is scheduled to host a test match when the Sri Lankan team visits India in November.

However, the Prince of Kolkata admitted that it will tough for the defending world champions to beat India on their home ground mainly without their main pace bowler Mitchell Starc who is still recovering from an injury.

“It would not be easy to beat India,” Ganguly concluded.