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Here is why we may see a 2nd innings of the Kohli-Shastri partnership


After Indian coach Anil Kumble has stepped down from his post following India’s defeat in the hands of Pakistan in Champions Trophy Final, BCCI is in the hunt for a new coach.

There were reports of rift being created between Kumble and captain Virat Kohli during the Champions Trophy. It is believed this rift has led to his resignation from the post of head coach.

The relations between Kohli and Kumble ruptured during the India VS Australia Test series in March 2017 when Kumble wanted Kuldeep Yadav to feature in playing XI but Virat refused. Since then there were reports of a rift between them so much that their relations have been torn beyond repair.

Virat had reservations with Kumble”s style of working

BCCI started the process of appointing a new coach in May 2017 by inviting applications from interested candidates. Anil Kumble’s name was automatically roped in. Others who threw their hat in the ring were Sehwag, Moody, Richard Pybus, Rajput, Dodda Ganesh. The new coach was supposed to be picked by the CAC which comprises of Indian legends Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman and Sourav Ganguly. CAC was very keen on renewing Kumble’s contract.

It was reported that relations between Kohli and Kumble turned sour because Virat had reservations with Kumble”s style of working as stated by Kumble in his tweet post his resignation from the post. Kumble being a hard task master invited displeasure among captain and few other senior players in the dressing room.

It was reported that Kohli had used the word “overbearing” while describing Kumble. He was more comfortable with Ravi Shastri”s style of working. Reports say Virat wants a “cheerleader coach” instead of “hard task master”.

Officially the last date of submitting the application for the post of a coach was 31 May and Ravi didn”t throw his hat in the ring. However, CAC has the power to request BCCI to allow them to interview candidates who have not applied.

“The doors are open for Shastri if the CAC wants to interview him. As per the current rules, Shastri is not eligible because he has not submitted his resume. But the CAC has the authority to request the BCCI to allow the interview of candidates from the outside who they deem fit for the position. For that to happen, all the CAC will need to do is submit a special request. But all this can happen only if the CAC wants. If they are happy to interview just those who have applied, then obviously the door is closed for Shastri.

“It is not something new or unheard of. It happens not only in big corporates but also in top government positions wherein people from the outside are also interviewed in certain cases. At the end of the day, it is for the CAC to decide what is best for Indian cricket and if they feel the man who can do the job is Shastri, then why not,” a member of COA quoted.

– by Atharva Apte

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