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Here”s all you need to know about Cricket Australia”s pay dispute

What is Australian Cricketer”s Association?

The Australian Cricketer”s Association (ACA) is an organization incorporated in February 1997 to protect the interests of Australian men as well as female cricketers. It acts as bargaining agent between Cricket Australia (CA) and Australian Cricketers.

The Saga Starts

A lot is happening between Cricket Australia and Australian Cricketers Association in the recent times over the new revenue sharing model. The formal MOU negotiations between Cricket Australia and Australian Cricketers Association (ACA) started last November with a meeting between Chairman of CA David Peever and ACA President Greg Dyer. The new CA”s revenue sharing model offered fixed wages and only surplus profits up to A$ 20 million to men cricketers. It was further modified to include female cricketers.

Ditching the ACA

Cricket Australia board directors made attempts to ditch the ACA and deal directly with the players in December last year. They organized a dinner with Steve Smith and David Warner and talked about breaking up the revenue sharing model. A few days later Australian men and women captain Steve Smith and Meg Lanning wrote to CA chief executive James Sutherland to stop dealing with players directly and deal with ACA as it is players” “Bargaining Agent”.

Adamant Stand

In March when Australian team is in India playing test matches, CA chief executive James Sutherland shows reluctance on agreeing on ACA and maintains a firm stand on breaking down revenue model.

New twist
The story takes a new turn in May as Pat Howard, Australian Performance manager offers multi year contracts to Australia”s Five best cricketers viz. Warner, Smith, Starc, Hazlewood, and Cummins.

Mitchell Starc makes it clear that they won”t entertain any contract negotiations until new MoU is agreed. The next day Sutherland writes to his counterpart Alistair Nicolson, the CEO of ACA that come July 1, players will be left out of contract. Warner added that CA will be left without any players for the home season and also for all important Ashes 2017-18.

CA released a footage featuring Australia”s lead negotiator K Roberts explaining pay offers to players. Warner criticized CA for releasing the video during Champions Trophy.

A week later, South Africa announce their new T20 tournament. Several Australian Cricketers have expressed their interest in participating in the tournament which clashes with the home season.

Expiry of MoU
Cometh 30 June, the MoU expires leaving over 200 Australian Cricketers unemployed.


David Warner in an Instagram post said, “This Baggy means the world to me. Myself and all the other cricketers female and male want to get out there and play. We offered 30m of our money to grassroots as a peace plan. It was ignored. We asked for mediation twice before and it was rejected. Now [Cricket Australia] says there is a crisis.

“The players are unemployed and some are hurting financially but continue to train. Administrators all still being paid. How is it our fault no deal is done? fair share.” he added.

CA chief executive James Sutherland said if the dispute is not resolved in next few days, putting it to arbitration is the only alternative.
“There is no doubt there is a bit of an impasse here. But I believe that with positive intent and the right people in the room we can get this sorted in the next few days. Failing that, we’re prepared to say that we put the issues to arbitration. We accept the umpire’s decision and the game goes one.” Sutherland said.

Australia has tours of Bangladesh and India coming up before the home Ashes series. The matter has to be resolved real quick if the tours are to go ahead without any hurdles. Australia has already canceled their A tour to South Africa this month.

“I have increasing concerns about timelines. We have got a tour coming up to Bangladesh and I think it’s really important this issue is resolved right now or in the short term. We have got a fair mechanism to do that. Best intent. And compromise on both parts will see the matter resolved.” said Sutherland.

– by Atharva Apte