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High Protein Diet for Weight Loss


High Protein Diet for Weight Loss:

The changing trends in the world of fitness has made ‘fit body’ a household name. Fitness regimes are no longer restricted to bodybuilders and sportsmen. Having a fit body has nothing to do with your profession. Everybody wants a fitter body and diet plans have become the buzz word.

But before jumping on the diet plan bandwagon, you should be well-informed. Something that worked for a friend of yours might not work for you and this depends upon your metabolism and various other factors including medical conditions. Every individual body reacts differently.

The latest fad amongst the diets is high protein low carbs diet. A high protein diet results in weight loss hence making it the dieticians and dieters favourite. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while blindly following this trend:

  • There should be a total of 20% protein consumption during a normal diet and 30% if you are opting for a high protein diet.
  • The consumption ratio of protein is 0.8 times your body weight. Ex: If you weigh 60kg then you should not consume more than 48gm (60×0.8) of protein per day.
  • Protein takes time to digest which keeps you full for a longer period of time. People with digestive medical conditions should consult a professional before going on a protein diet.
  • High protein diet is recommended if you have a rigorous workout regime. Protein helps in building muscle and weight loss but when you are not working out, the excessive protein that the body is unable to digest will turn into fats making you gain weight instead.
  • Consumption of protein gives energy. It is advisable to consume protein within two hours after waking up. The protein consumed during this hour will keep you energetic throughout the day.
  • Protein does not only help in muscle building and losing weight but it nourishes your hair, nails, skin, and hormones as well.
  • Keep a check on water consumption. Protein can affect the kidneys. It is very important to consume adequate liquids while on a protein diet.
  • People with kidney issues should avoid high protein diets.

The most important thing to understand while going on any diet plan is the proportionate quantity of consumption. Protein diets will certainly help you in reducing weight but if you don’t follow a good workout regime along with the diet, the stagnant energy in your body will turn that protein into fats thereby resulting in weight gain.

Don’t cut out on carbs completely. Consume a healthy proportion of carbs which will help in keeping a check on your weight gain. A healthy and balanced diet is the best for a fitter body and mind.

– by Harleen Vij

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