Home Cricket News “I Really Want To See Rohit Sharma With A World Cup Trophy And A World Cup Medal” – Yuvraj Singh On Rohit Sharma

“I Really Want To See Rohit Sharma With A World Cup Trophy And A World Cup Medal” – Yuvraj Singh On Rohit Sharma

“I Really Want To See Rohit Sharma With A World Cup Trophy And A World Cup Medal” – Yuvraj Singh On Rohit Sharma

Yuvraj Singh shared insights into his relationship with Rohit Sharma and emphasized the crucial role of the India captain in the Men in Blue’s T20 World Cup prospects. As Rohit Sharma gears up for his ninth T20 World Cup appearance, Yuvraj Singh, his teammate since the inaugural World T20 in 2007, stands among those most eager to witness the India captain lift the trophy.

Despite the passage of years, Rohit and Yuvraj maintain a strong bond, with the former India all-rounder consistently vocal in his support for the skipper. Despite nearing the realization of his aspiration to win the 50-overs World Cup, Rohit fell short as India lost to Australia in the final.

However, Yuvraj believes that Rohit, who secured victory in the 2007 edition in South Africa under MS Dhoni, merits another World Cup triumph. Yuvraj has full confidence that Rohit is the ideal candidate to lead India in this global ICC event in the West Indies and the USA.

“I really want to see Rohit Sharma with a World Cup trophy and a World Cup medal. He really deserves it,” Yuvraj, the brand ambassador for the T20 World Cup, told ICC. (Rohit’s presence is going to be) very crucial.”

“I think we need a really good captain, a sensible captain who takes decisions well under pressure. And he’s the one to take them. He was the captain when we lost in the (Cricket World Cup) 50-over final (in 2023). He has won five IPL trophies as a captain. I think we need somebody like him to captain India.”

Setting aside his captaincy skills and batting abilities, what has truly impressed Yuvraj about Rohit is his grounded nature despite years of representing India.

Even after 17 years since his debut, Rohit has not let success go to his head, according to Yuvraj. Reflecting on how Rohit faced challenges in England but remained humble, Yuvraj proudly regards him as a friend and a trusted confidant.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

“Very poor English. Very funny guy. From the streets of Borivali (in Mumbai), we always tease him. But a great guy at heart. The more success he’s had, he has never changed as a person. That’s the beauty of Rohit Sharma. Fun-loving, always having fun with the guys, A great leader on the park and one of my closest friends from cricket,” added Yuvraj.

Yuvraj’s relationship with Rohit contrasts with his relationship with Kohli

Yuvraj’s revelation highlighted the differing dynamics of his friendships with Rohit and Virat Kohli. While he shares a camaraderie with Rohit, his relationship with Kohli is somewhat distant.

In a podcast last year, Yuvraj disclosed that he doesn’t communicate much with Kohli due to the latter’s busy schedule, also noting the evolution of Kohli from the ‘Cheeku’ he knew in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

“Not really,” Yuvraj said in the TRS Podcast when asked whether he is in touch with Kohli. “I don’t disturb him as he is busy. Young Virat Kohli’s name was Cheeku. Today’s Cheeku is Virat Kohli; there’s a big difference.”

Kohli and Yuvraj were last seen together publicly in Mohali just before the World Cup match between India and Australia. The two former teammates engaged in a spirited conversation during the match.

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