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I was never allowed to play Tennis ball cricket; Pujara”s candid confessions


Chetheshwar Pujara has been one of India”s top Test batsman since the time he made his debut in 2010 against Australia. He has served as the backbone of the batting line up.

Every cricketer has his practice techniques but one fact about Pujara”s is astonishing. He never played tennis ball cricket. In fact, he has never been exposed to gully cricket. Something which every single child born in India grows up playing.

In his episode of What the Duck, Pujara reveals how his father played a role in building his cricket career. His father thought that because tennis ball has a different bounce than a cricket ball, Pujara would be better off not facing it as it might have affected his technique. He was handed over the keeper”s gloves whenever he played tennis ball cricket.

Pujara recently broke Dravid”s record of facing most balls in test innings ( 525 balls for his 202) against Australia. At 29, he has scored 3798 runs in 48 tests averaging 51.32. Pujara has not found the success he”d want in ODIs and T20s yet.

Meanwhile, Pujara also admitted that he wasn”t allowed to celebrate two of the biggest festivals in the country. While most children of his age were out celebrating Holi and Diwali, Pujara remained indoors. Pujara added that his father believed that playing with colors and crackers would lead to injuries which would stall the progress of his son”s cricket career.

(Pic Source: midday/PTI)

Pujara also added that his wife Puja has now carried forward the baton from his father and ever since they got married in 2013, Puja Pujara has been a pillar of strength. He also adds that she understands the game deeply and ensures her husband stays disciplined despite him being a Test superstar

Pujara has been a run machine this season for India piling on the runs in his whites. Pujara recently broke his idol Rahul Dravid”s 13-year-old record for facing the most number of balls in a Test inning. Pujara faced 525 balls for his 202 against Australia going past Dravid 495 balls. Pujara even conceded that an Australian cricketer had pleaded him to get out fearing that his team would need wheelchairs if he keeps going on.

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