Ever since the cricket began in the COVID-19 era, one thing has been constant and that is rain-affected games. Rains not only spoil the momentum of the match but also affects the result of the game going forward. With the ICC Test Championship now in place, every rain-affected Test match has a direct impact on a team’s progress in the points table.

Earlier, we saw during the England vs West Indies how multiple sessions were washed off. And now, the same has been happening in the ongoing series between England and Pakistan.

3rd Test between England and Pakistan to start early

Only 134.3 overs were bowled in the 2nd Test between the two nations. Now, to tackle this problem of loss of overs the ICC has revised the match timings for the 3rd Test. The third and the final encounter would now start at 10:30 am instead of 11:00 am if needed.

3rd Test between England and Pakistan to start early

In a press release, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) stated that the early starts would help in tackling down the problems caused by rain going forward. All five days of the Test would start at 10:30 am if the forecasts predict rain in the latter half of the day.

“The flexible approach will enable the prospect of making up time for inclement weather during the morning session of subsequent days rather than at the end of the day,” the ECB said in a press release.

ICC consulted the management of both teams before finalising the decision on the timings. Captains and coaches of both teams have agreed to adapt to the change going forward.

“The revised start times have been agreed with the captains and coaches of both England and Pakistan and will be implemented for the final match of this series.” Quoted an ECB official. 

Pakistan are one down in the three-match Test series. They will be looking to draw the series just like the previous two series between England and Pakistan. The young Pakistan side will have to buckle up and perform beyond expectations if they were to draw the series.