Home Cricket News ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: India vs Pakistan Match, Stats, Records – All You Need To Know

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: India vs Pakistan Match, Stats, Records – All You Need To Know

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: India vs Pakistan Match, Stats, Records – All You Need To Know

The highly anticipated clash between India and Pakistan, initially scheduled for October 15, underwent a significant change in its fixture due to a revised schedule. Now, cricket enthusiasts can mark their calendars for the intense showdown between the two rival nations on October 14, as part of the World Cup 2023.

Previously, this monumental face-off was set for October 15 in Ahmedabad, but the International Cricket Council (ICC) has opted to reschedule it, moving the high-stakes encounter up by 24 hours. This decision marks the fifth instance in cricket history where a One Day International (ODI) match is set to unfold on the 14th of a month.

In the past, four such matches have transpired between India and Pakistan on this auspicious date. Among these encounters, Team India emerged victorious twice, while Pakistan clinched victory on the other two occasions.

Head-to-Head Stats and Records

To provide some context, out of the 132 ODI matches played between India and Pakistan, India secured triumph in 55 games, whereas Pakistan claimed victory in 73 encounters, with four matches concluding without a decisive result.

Remarkably, four of these 132 ODI duels took place on the 14th of various months. The inaugural occurrence of a 14th match transpired in 1997 when India triumphed over Pakistan by 7 wickets in Toronto on September 14. Following this, on December 14, 1997, Pakistan retaliated, prevailing over India by 4 wickets in Sharjah, thereby levelling the score. Just a month subsequent to their Sharjah victory, on January 14, 1998, India reasserted its dominance by defeating Pakistan by 8 wickets in Dhaka.

More than a decade later, on June 14, 2008, India and Pakistan renewed their rivalry, with Pakistan securing a 25-run victory in Mirpur. Following this historical context, a high-octane battle will once again unfold on October 14, creating an intriguing coincidence surrounding the date.

A peculiar trend emerges from these matches. If we consider the outcomes of the previous four encounters, where India won first, they repeated their success in the subsequent match. Consequently, based on this trend, there is a sense of anticipation that Team India may secure victory in the upcoming encounter on October 14. Cricket enthusiasts worldwide will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats as they await the outcome of this enthralling clash between two cricketing powerhouses.

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