Home Cricket News ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: Why Shubman Gill Donned A Gold Coin On His Collar In The Match Against Bangladesh?

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: Why Shubman Gill Donned A Gold Coin On His Collar In The Match Against Bangladesh?

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: Why Shubman Gill Donned A Gold Coin On His Collar In The Match Against Bangladesh?
Shubman Gill

In a captivating turn of events during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 match between India and Bangladesh at Pune’s MCA Stadium, the 24-year-old cricket sensation, Shubman Gill, took to the pitch adorned with a striking gold-coloured coin prominently displayed on his collar.

Gill, the right-handed batting prodigy, commenced India’s pursuit of a challenging 257-run target alongside Captain Rohit Sharma. Together, they weaved an exceptional partnership, amassing 88 runs, a spectacle that was soon disrupted by Sharma’s exit.

Nevertheless, Gill, riding on a wave of remarkable form, continued to astound the spectators, reaching his maiden half-century in the ODI World Cup with a classy 53 off 55 balls, before a catch near the boundary terminated his innings.


While Gill’s awe-inspiring performance on the field during the ODI World Cup 2023 encounter held the audience and cricket aficionados in rapture, it was the presence of a diminutive, coin-like object that piqued the collective curiosity of onlookers. Speculation swirled regarding the significance of this curious adornment, with some conjecturing it to be a talismanic charm. However, the verity behind this emblematic coin is even more captivating.

The gilded coin gracing Shubman Gill’s collar is emblematic of his recognition as the ICC Player of the Month for September, a prestigious accolade conferred upon him in honour of his extraordinary contributions during India’s triumphant campaign in the Asia Cup and the subsequent ODI series against Australia.

Gill’s brilliance in the ICC Men’s ODI batting rankings stood as irrefutable evidence of his exceptional form and performance during the stipulated period.

Expressing his elation upon receiving this esteemed award, Gill shared, “I am thrilled to have clinched the ICC Player of the Month award for the month of September. It’s an immense privilege to represent India on the international stage and make meaningful contributions to the team’s cause. This recognition will further inspire me to relentlessly pursue excellence and continue bringing pride to our nation.”

Delving into Shubman Gill’s performance in the month of September, it can be unequivocally described as nothing short of spectacular. With a string of impressive half-centuries registered against Nepal and Pakistan, coupled with a resounding century against Bangladesh in Colombo, Gill played a pivotal role in propelling India to the finals of the Asia Cup in 2023.

In his words, “I had the fortune of making significant contributions to the team’s efforts, which ultimately culminated in our triumph in the Asia Cup 2023, followed by an impressive ODI series victory against Australia in September. I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my teammates, my family, and the diligent coaching staff, without whose unwavering support and guidance, this accomplishment would have remained a distant dream.”

In essence, Shubman Gill’s golden coin represents not just a trinket of fortune but a tangible testament to his exceptional cricketing prowess and the recognition he so richly deserves. It stands as a shining emblem of his dedication to the sport and a harbinger of greater successes yet to be achieved on the international stage.

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