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ICC Cricket World Cup 2024: SWOT Analysis Of Team Scotland

ICC Cricket World Cup 2024: SWOT Analysis Of Team Scotland

The Scotland cricket team are set to participate in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024, with a squad featuring a mix of experienced players and promising newcomers.

Here’s a SWOT analysis of the team:


1. Experienced Leadership :

Richie Berrington, the team’s captain, brings valuable experience and a steadying influence to the squad. His consistent performance, including top-scoring in the previous World Cup with 177 runs, will be crucial for Scotland’s success.

2. Strong Batting Line-Up :

Key players like George Munsey and Michael Leask provide depth in the batting order. Munsey, known for his aggressive style, can change the game’s momentum quickly.

3. Bowling Attack :

Scotland’s bowling attack is led by pacers like Brad Wheal and Josh Davey, who have shown their capability to take wickets at crucial times. The inclusion of spinners like Mark Watt adds variety to their attack.


1. Inconsistent Performance :

Despite having potential match-winners, Scotland has struggled with consistency in past tournaments. This inconsistency can undermine their chances of progressing beyond the group stages.

2. Limited Big Match Experience:

While they have experienced players, the team lacks extensive exposure to high-pressure matches against top-tier teams. This can be a disadvantage in close contests.



1. Rising Talents :

Young players like Brandon McMullen, who has earned his first call-up, represent the future of Scottish cricket. These new talents can bring fresh energy and surprise elements to the team’s strategy.

2. Favorable Group Draw :

Scotland has been placed in Group B with teams like Ireland, Zimbabwe, and the West Indies. While challenging, this draw gives Scotland a realistic chance to advance if they play to their potential.


1. Strong Competition :

Competing against established teams like the West Indies and Ireland poses a significant challenge. These teams have more experience and have historically performed better in international tournaments.

2. Pressure Situations :

Scotland has previously faltered under pressure in critical matches. The mental aspect of handling high-stakes games will be a crucial area they need to address to avoid early exits.

Overall, Scotland’s blend of seasoned campaigners and budding talent, backed by strategic leadership, offers a promising outlook for the T20 World Cup. However, overcoming the inconsistency and handling high-pressure situations will be key to their success in the tournament.


Richie Berrington (c), Matthew Cross, Brad Currie, Chris Greaves, Oli Hairs, Jack Jarvis, Michael Jones, Michael Leask, Brandon McMullen, George Munsey, Safyaan Sharif, Chris Sole, Charlie Tear, Mark Watt, Brad Wheal

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