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ICC T20 World Cup 2024: 5 Players Of Oman To Watch Out For

ICC T20 World Cup 2024: 5 Players Of Oman To Watch Out For

These players are key figures to watch out for in the T20 World Cup, as they bring a blend of experience, skill, and match-winning capabilities to the Oman Cricket Team. Naseem Khushi is an explosive top-order batsman known for his ability to score quick runs, while Aqib Ilyas provides versatility as a dependable middle-order batsman and an off-spin bowler.

Zeeshan Maqsood, the team’s captain, is a seasoned campaigner renowned for his left-arm spin and leadership skills. Lastly, Bilal Khan adds firepower to the bowling attack with his left-arm pace.

#1 Naseem Khushi

Naseem Khushi of Oman has played 5 matches in the T20 World Cup, with 4 innings and 1 not out. He has scored a total of 35 runs, with a highest score of 15, averaging 11.66 and a strike rate of 97.22. He has not scored any centuries or fifties. In the field, he has taken 2 catches and made 1 stumping.

In his latest matches, he played against UAE on 21st May 2024, where he scored 12 runs and took 1 catch, and against Nepal on 15th May 2024, where he scored 8 runs and made 1 stumping.

#2 Aqib Ilyas

Aaqib Ilyas
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Aqib Ilyas is a prominent cricketer from Oman who has made significant contributions to his team in the T20 World Cup. Known for his consistent batting and useful bowling, Ilyas has played crucial roles in various matches.

For instance, he scored 50 runs against Papua New Guinea and 45 runs against Scotland, while also taking important wickets, including two against Scotland and three against the Netherlands. His performances have been instrumental in advancing Oman’s competitiveness on the international stage, showcasing his all-round capabilities.

#3 Zeeshan Maqsood

Zeeshan Maqsood has been a pivotal figure for Oman in the T20 World Cup, especially noted for his outstanding performance in the 2021 edition where he took four wickets for 20 runs against Papua New Guinea, matching Daniel Vettori’s record for the most wickets by a captain in a T20 World Cup match.

Despite being replaced as captain by Aqib Ilyas for the 2024 tournament, Maqsood continues to be a vital player, contributing significantly with both bat and ball. His recent performances maintain his reputation as a key all-rounder, showcasing his consistency and skill in the lead-up to the 2024 T20 World Cup.

#4 Bilal Khan

As of my last update, Bilal Khan, the cricketer from the Oman national team, has been a key figure in Oman’s cricketing endeavours. Known for his left-arm medium-fast bowling, he has contributed significantly to Oman’s successes on the field.

However, without specific recent match data, I can’t provide his exact record or recent match results. For the most current information, it’s best to check reliable sports news sources or cricketing websites for updates on Bilal Khan’s performances and the Oman national team’s recent matches.

#5 Kashyap Kumar Prajapati

As of my last update, there’s no widely recognized record for a cricket player named Kashyap Kumar Prajapati in the Oman national team. However, if he’s a recent addition or has been playing in lower-profile matches, his statistics might not be readily available in mainstream databases.

To provide an accurate summary of his recent matches, I’d need access to up-to-date cricket databases or news sources. If you have specific matches or tournaments in mind, I can help you find the latest results or information on his performance.

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