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ICC T20 World Cup 2024: SWOT Analysis For Team Uganda

ICC T20 World Cup 2024: SWOT Analysis For Team Uganda

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 represents a landmark opportunity for the Uganda cricket team, a rising force in international cricket. With their debut on such a grand stage, Uganda aims to showcase their growing prowess in the shortest format of the game.

Here is a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the Uganda team as they prepare for this prestigious tournament.


The year 2024 holds significance for Team Uganda as they mark their debut in the ICC T20 World Cup after winning a closely contested qualification campaign in Africa. With talented all-rounder Alpesh Ramjani and the fearless bowler Frank Nsubuga in their ranks, Uganda, led by Brian Masaba, approaches their maiden appearance at the ICC T20 World Cup with confidence.

As previously highlighted, Uganda’s remarkable performance in the qualifying stage serves as a strong warning to their opponents in Group C. Cricket enthusiasts can anticipate thrilling encounters as Uganda takes on hosts West Indies, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Afghanistan.

Notably, Uganda included 43-year-old Frank Nsubuga, the oldest player in the tournament, in their squad for the journey to the US and the Caribbean. Riazat Ali Shah and Dinesh Nakrani stand out for their aggressive batting style, which could potentially surprise opponents. Additionally, youngster Juma Miyaji, a participant in the 2022 U-19 World Cup, is another promising talent expected to shine on the grand stage.


One of the significant weaknesses of Uganda is its lack of experience at the highest level of international cricket. Unlike established teams, Uganda’s players have limited exposure to high-pressure situations in major tournaments.

Uganda introduced its first international team as early as 1914, competing against the East Africa Protectorate, although regular participation began in the early 1950s. During this period, Uganda engaged in frequent series against regional rivals Kenya and Tanzania (then Tanganyika).

From 1966, Uganda provided players for a combined East African team, later restructured as East and Central Africa in 1989. The country’s inaugural ICC tournament as an independent participant was the 2001 ICC Trophy held in Canada.

Uganda continued its participation in the subsequent three editions of the tournament, which was renamed the ICC World Cup Qualifier, but failed to qualify for the Cricket World Cup. In the World Cricket League (WCL), Uganda advanced to ICC World Cricket League Division Two on three occasions but was subsequently relegated to Division Three each time.

The team also competed in six editions of the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier. Their qualification for the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup marks their first appearance in the ICC T20 WC after finishing 2nd in the 2023 Africa Qualifier.


The 2024 T20 World Cup provides Uganda with a golden opportunity to put their cricket on the global map. Success in this tournament can inspire a new generation of cricketers in Uganda and increase the sport’s popularity and development within the country.

Additionally, the World Cup serves as a platform for Ugandan players to gain international recognition. Performances here can attract attention from global T20 leagues, offering invaluable experience and exposure to higher levels of competitive cricket. Players like Dinesh Nakrani and Riazat Ali Shah can particularly benefit from such opportunities.


Uganda faces significant threats from the established cricketing powerhouses they will encounter in the tournament. Teams like India, England, and Australia possess deep, experienced squads and are accustomed to the pressures of World Cup cricket. Competing against such formidable opponents will be a steep learning curve.

The unpredictability of T20 cricket itself poses a threat. The format’s volatile nature means that a single bad performance can dramatically impact their campaign. Uganda will need to maintain consistency and composure throughout the tournament to navigate this challenge.

In conclusion, Uganda’s participation in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 is a historic milestone. While they bring youthful energy and adaptability, overcoming their inexperience and batting fragility will be crucial.

If they can leverage their strengths and seize the opportunities presented, Uganda has the potential to surprise and make a memorable impression on the world stage.


Brian Masaba (C), Simon Ssesazi, Roger Mukasa, Dinesh Nakrani, Cosmas Kyewuta, Fred Achelam, Kenneth Waiswa, Alpesh Ramjani, Henry Ssenyondo, Bilal Hassun, Robinson Obuya, Frank Nsubuga, Riazat Ali Shah (vc), Juma Miyaji, Ronak Patel.

Reserves: Ronald Lutaaya, Innocent Mwebaze.

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