Home Cricket News “If I Wanted To Pray, Who Could Stop Me?” – Mohammed Shami Responds To Backlash Over The ‘Sajda’ Controversy

“If I Wanted To Pray, Who Could Stop Me?” – Mohammed Shami Responds To Backlash Over The ‘Sajda’ Controversy

“If I Wanted To Pray, Who Could Stop Me?” – Mohammed Shami Responds To Backlash Over The ‘Sajda’ Controversy

Mohammed Shami criticizes trolls for stirring unnecessary controversy surrounding his celebration following a five-wicket haul against Sri Lanka in the 2023 World Cup league-stage match.

In a widely circulated video, the bowler is observed kneeling and touching the ground with both hands after taking Kasun Rajitha’s wicket to complete his five-wicket haul. Certain social media users suggested that he intended to perform the ‘Sajda’ but halted midway, apprehensive of potential criticism.

Users drew parallels between this incident and Pakistan’s Mohammad Rizwan celebrating his century by offering namaz, a move that faced criticism from some quarters.

In an interview with Agenda Aaj Tak, the right-arm pacer dismissed these rumors, affirming his pride as both a Muslim and an Indian. He emphasized that no one would have hindered him from praying if he had chosen to do so.

“If I wanted to pray, who could stop me? I won’t stop anyone from praying. If I want to pray, I will pray. What’s the problem in this? I will say it with pride that I am a Muslim.”

”I will say it with pride that I am an Indian. What’s the problem in that? If I have to ask permission to pray from someone, then why should I be in this country?,” Shami was quoted as saying by India Today.

“Have I ever prayed after taking a 5-wicket haul before? I have taken many five-wicket hauls. You tell me where you have to pray, and I will go and pray there,” he added.

Shami delivered an outstanding performance, securing figures of 5/18 in five overs as Sri Lanka were dismissed for 55 while chasing 358 at Wankhede in Mumbai.

“They are simply looking to stir up trouble”-  Shami on trolls

Continuing to criticize trolls, the 33-year-old emphasized that these individuals are solely focused on causing trouble. He clarified that he knelt to the ground after taking his five-wicket haul because he was exhausted, having bowled with an intensity of 200 percent.

“People like this are not on anyone’s side. They only want to create a ruckus. I bowled with 200 percent intensity in that game against Sri Lanka. Wickets were falling in quick succession and after taking 3 wickets, I thought I had to take a 5-wicket haul today,” he said.

“I was tired of not getting a wicket despite beating the edge of the batter so many times. I was bowling at full tilt. So when I got my 5th wicket, I sank to the ground and kneeled. People gave a different meaning to it. I think people who are misinterpreting these things don’t have any other work,” Shami stated.

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