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India vs Pakistan: The Asian Rivals’ Top 5 Most Controversial Moments In ODI History

India vs Pakistan: The Asian Rivals’ Top 5 Most Controversial Moments In ODI History

IndiaPakistan matches are seldom devoid of controversy. Considering the immense passion and dedication of both players and fans, these clashes transcend being merely interesting cricket games.

They encompass emotions, pressure, and performance. All these elements blend to create a surreal experience for both fans and cricketers alike. Over the past two decades, these teams have seen their fair share of contentious moments when facing off against each other. Over the last twenty years, both teams have witnessed their share of contentious incidents when they met on the field.

Let’s examine five of these instances.

Javed Miandad Mimicks Kiran More

In the 1992 World Cup, India and Pakistan encountered each other for the first time in a match. During Pakistan’s batting, Kiran More, the Indian wicketkeeper, made an overzealous appeal that greatly annoyed Javed Miandad, a prominent Pakistani batsman. Miandad was so irritated that he resorted to comical jumps to mimic the Indian wicketkeeper.

Venkatesh Prasad Cleans Up Aamer Sohail

In another World Cup clash between India and Pakistan, specifically in the quarter-final of the 1996 tournament, Pakistan’s opener Aamer Sohail was in excellent form. He became somewhat overconfident after hitting a boundary off India’s fast bowler Venkatesh Prasad and gestured towards the boundary, indicating that he intended to do the same again. However, Prasad had the final word as he disturbed Sohail’s stumps with the very next delivery.

Gambhir and Afridi Collide, ‘Unintentionally’!

In a 2007 ODI match between India and Pakistan, a controversial incident occurred involving Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi. After Gambhir hit Afridi for a boundary, the two exchanged heated words. The verbal dispute escalated into a physical confrontation as they intentionally collided while Gambhir attempted to take a single. This led to another heated exchange between the players, requiring the umpire’s intervention.

Action Continues At Drinks Break

During the 2010 Asia Cup match, Gautam Gambhir was at the crease, and Kamran Akmal’s relentless appeals from behind the stumps irritated him. This frustration spilt over even during the drinks break as both players exchanged words while others were resting. Umpires and fellow players had to step in to calm the two feuding cricketers.

Harbhajan’s Reply To Akhtar

In the 2010 Asia Cup match, Shoaib Akhtar managed to annoy Harbhajan Singh by delivering a dot ball during the penultimate over. Whatever Akhtar’s intention may have been, it didn’t go as planned because this confrontation fueled Harbhajan’s determination, leading him to finish the match with a six. What ensued was a triumphant and unstoppable Harbhajan.

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