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IPL 2017 : Should there be DRS in IPL?


IPL 2017 : Should there be DRS in IPL? :- It is a great day for Mumbai Indians as MI are playing a game at their beloved Wankede today. The crowds have came in numbers and it is a sea of blue at iconic Wankhede. Rohit Sharma has won the toss and MI will bowl.

The opposition team has put up a big total on the board. Now its all upto Mumbai”s key batsmen to step up and deliver the goods for their side. Rohit comes to bat and just as he is looking in fluent touch, the bowler appeals for a caught behind.

To everyone”s shock and awe the umpire raises his finger! The batsman is looking dumbfound cause there was daylight between bat and ball!

Kieron Pollard is the next man at the crease. He is carrying all MI hopes on his shoulders. With his lusty blows he has kept MI in the game. Then at a crucial stage in the match the ball wraps his pads bowler appeals and his is given out!

MI go on to lose the match because two of their key players fell to shockers.

While ICC has made 2 reviews available in test and one in ODIS, the T20 format doesn”t have assistance from third umpire in case of shockers from umpires despite T20 format being one where wrong one decision can cause more damage than test and ODIS. Explanation for this is the process of DRS takes too much in a rather fast-paced format.

Considering that standards of umpiring have been nowhere close to par, DRS is a must in a high profile tournament like IPL where one wicket can cost a match and one loss can knock you out of the tournament.

While the official have time for two strategic timeouts per innings but ain”t got any for one review remains to be a spectacular mystery than who Jack the Ripper was.

Till then players have got two options when they get howlers; carry on with smile on face or get reprimanded for showing defiance.

– by Atharva Apte

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