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IPL 2023: Robin Uthappa Makes A Shocking Revelations Against KKR

IPL 2023: Robin Uthappa Makes A Shocking Revelations Against KKR
Robin Uthappa. Photo: Twitter

Robin Uthappa played for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) from 2014 to 2019. When Gautam Gambhir was the captain in 2014, he was a crucial member of the KKR squad and assisted them in winning the matches as well.

Robin Uthappa has played a number of teams in the Indian Premier League, including the Pune Warriors, Rajasthan Royals, Chennai Super Kings, and Mumbai Indians as well. But the Kolkata Knight Riders were the group with which he spent the most time.

After Gambhir left, Uthappa has now claimed that he felt “alienated” at KKR.

I appreciate you sharing because there has been a lot of discussion since last night. But I’ve always insisted that my first four years at KKR under Gauti’s leadership were very different from my last two, and that affected my performances greatly. It had nothing to do with captaincy, I can assure you of that,” Uthappa tweeted.

“Everything changed after Gauti was fired, and I suddenly felt out of place. However, my love for the KKR faithful has remained constant throughout the years and always will. This isn’t about the KKR fans, despite the fact that I will always be grateful for their support. They have my undying love and respect.”

Uthappa’s tweet appeared after one of his went viral on Tuesday. “I’m not shocked by the backlash I’m getting here for what MY experience has been. To everyone, peace and love.

Although the tweet’s context was unclear, a number of Twitter users asserted that it was a response to the abuse that Uthappa had to endure after saying that he would choose to play for CSK in the IPL if given the chance. The supporters of other teams where he played evidently did not take kindly to the statement.

Since I’ve already left Indian cricket, I won’t be participating in the IPL. He declared on Jio Cinema, “If I could play again, CSK man, hands down!”

Let’s go @ChennaiIPL!! Yellove was one of Robin Uthappa’s tweets, and a Twitter user commented: “Bro played one-two season with Chennai and sold his soul I have never seen him supporting Kkr like this. ”

Uthappa replied to that tweet with the words “Loyalty and respect is a give and take my friend!!” Uthappa was the target of several other tweets.

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