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IPL 2023: Venkatesh Iyer Gives An Impactful Statement For Nitish Rana

IPL 2023: Venkatesh Iyer Gives An Impactful Statement For Nitish Rana

In a special interview with India Today, Venkatesh Iyer discussed his ongoing campaign for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) as well as several other subjects.

In the IPL 2023, KKR are currently facing a life or death situation. With only four games remaining, KKR must win every one of them in order to stand any chance of making the playoffs. In the IPL, the situation is difficult for KKR.

Venkatesh Iyer, however, is content with the performance of the team’s new captain Nitish Rana and coach Chandrakant Pandit thus far this season. Venkatesh has also played well for KKR this season, becoming just the second player from the IPL team to hit a century.

Iyer speaks exclusively to India Today prior to the match at Eden Gardens in Kolkata against the Punjab Kings (PBKS).


Here are a few quotes from Venkatesh Iyer’s interview.

Q1. Your session is exciting because you’ve already reached a century. The next four games are coming. What are the goals for the remaining four games?

No individual goal as such, according to Venkatesh Iyer. No matter how much I contribute, my only goal is to help the team win. But yes, I aim to help the team win by adding a few more runs.

Q2. How would you rate your team’s performance thus far this season for KKR?

We have a fantastic team this year, says Venkatesh. Unbelievably talented individuals work in the dressing room. Suyash Sharma and Harshit Rana, who both came into difficult situations and performed for the team, are two examples of uncapped players who have made their mark in addition to foreign and Indian players. It’s encouraging to see uncapped players step up and contribute to the team. I’m overjoyed for the squad.

Q3. How has the journey gone so far, coming off an injury and performing well in the IPL?

Venkatesh: After returning from injury, I am enjoying playing competitive cricket. I’ve never felt happier or more satisfied than I have since returning and playing for KKR. It makes me happy, and I’m doing fine. As you can see, everything depends on how well you plan and execute. The execution is going well, and I’m pleased about that.

Q4. You’ve made an impact on the game several times, as we’ve seen. How important do you think the rule is?

Yes, according to Venkatesh, I believe this is a novel concept that reduces the value of all-round players while also giving players a more specialized role. For example, if you are bowling, you can add the sixth bowler as an option, or if you are batting, you can add a batter. Therefore, it gives you some breathing room and makes the games a little bit simpler for you, but I believe that the impact player rule has already resulted in some high-scoring games. We’ll wait and see how it goes.

Q5. The World Cup will take place in a few months. Up until now, you’ve performed admirably. Are you planning to watch the World Cup?

No, I’m not thinking about the World Cup, Venkatesh. What will happen after the IPL is not on my mind. My entire attention is on the upcoming game. I play one game at a time and don’t consider my future plans.

Q6. About to end is the IPL season. How have the team’s new captain Nitish Rana and coach Chandrakant Pandit benefited you and the group as a whole?

Venkatesh: I am overjoyed. For the past three years, I have collaborated with Chandu (Chandrakant Pandit). He now coaches an IPL franchise, which I find to be wonderful. And I’m incredibly proud and happy about that. In terms of Nitish Rana, he took over as the team’s captain after Shreyas Iyer got hurt. In a trying time for the side, he put up his hands, and you have to admire how he has organized the troop. He has accomplished the extremely difficult task of earning the respect of every person in that dressing room, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

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