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IPL 2023: Virender Sehwag Reacts To The Knock Of PBKS Player Atharva Taide

IPL 2023: Virender Sehwag Reacts To The Knock Of PBKS Player Atharva Taide

Atharva Taide might have thought that once he reached his half-century. He would start to score quickly, but that didn’t happen, according to Virender Sehwag.

Punjab Kings made a rare tactical decision Wednesday against Delhi Capitals as they chased down 214 with five overs remaining.

The second player to retire from the IPL was Atharva Taide. Who had scored 55 off 42 balls when he left the field. PBKS were 128 for 3 at that point and needed 86 to win after 30 balls.

Atharva Taide of Punjab Kings makes a shot during the DC v PBKS match

Kings started their chase with a required rate of 10 points per over for 20 overs. Taide had scored at a strike rate of 131 after facing the equivalent of seven overs at a rate of just under eight runs per over. Their required rate had risen to 17 points by the time Taide retired.

”The Kings may have hoped that once Taide reached his half-century he would score at a brisk rate. But that did not happen and he ended up wasting a few more deliveries”, according to Indian great Virender Sehwag in an interview with Cricbuzz.

“I would have removed him from the game sooner.  The game would have been won by Punjab if he had scored 70 points off of 42 balls”. According to Sehwag’s statement to Cricbuzz, “I would have urged him to call it quits sooner or to stage an injury and declare retirement hurt rather than out, as Krunal Pandya did for LSG”.

“You can return to the plate if necessary if you retired hurt, but you cannot do so if you retired out. Someone else could have scored at least 15 runs in those 6 deliveries if he had ended his career after facing 36 balls as opposed to 42 deliveries ”.

”Punjab slightly overestimated it. Every batter wants to get as many runs as they can in the fewest number of pitches. However, if you’re not in the zone, it shouldn’t hurt your ego to retire in order to help your team. You will have the chance to prove your talent in a later game ”.

However, it was not to be as Livingstone was caught on the long-off boundary for 94 runs off 48 balls and Ishant ended the game with two dots.

Punjab is still in the running for the playoffs despite their loss to DC. But their chances are slim because they not only need to win their final game. But also favourable results from other games. As well as a significant net run-rate swing, in order to do so.

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