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IPL 2024: Faf Du Plessis Takes Blame After The Crushing Loss Against SRH

IPL 2024: Faf Du Plessis Takes Blame After The Crushing Loss Against SRH

Faf du Plessis, the dejected captain of Royal Challengers Bengaluru, admitted that the team’s morale had plummeted due to a series of losses, reaching an all-time low after their 25-run defeat to Sunrisers Hyderabad. The match witnessed a flurry of batting records being shattered, with SRH achieving an unprecedented IPL total of 287 for 3, while RCB managed 262 for 7.

A total of 38 sixes were smashed throughout the game, culminating in a record-breaking combined score of 549 runs. Du Plessis emphasized that just as victories bolster confidence, consecutive losses can drain it, echoing sentiments from his time leading the South African team.

Du Plessis said: “It’s crazy the amount of runs scored today, a world record. I wouldn’t say 270 is par, Danny. It’s tough (to bowl on a day like this), we tried a few things and they weren’t quite working.”

“There’s no way to hide when your confidence is low. The fast bowlers found it quite difficult out there. Similar to the batting perspective, we need to work on a few areas. Need to make sure the run rate doesn’t go down after powerplay. The guys put up their hands and never gave up (in the run chase). It was good to see the fight, 30-40 runs from the bowling perspective was a bit too much.”

“It’s important to go away and freshen your mind, it’s such a mental game. Sometimes you feel your mind is going to explode. When you get back to the contest you have to give full commitment.”

On the other hand, victorious skipper Cummins, who delivered a stellar bowling performance, humorously remarked that he wished he were a batsman on such high-scoring occasions. This statement captured the irony of his situation, excelling in bowling while witnessing a batting spectacle unfold on the field. The contrasting reactions of the two captains encapsulated the rollercoaster of emotions experienced in cricket, where success and failure can dramatically impact a team’s spirit.

Overall, the match highlighted the psychological toll of losing streaks on teams, as du Plessis lamented the erosion of confidence within RCB following their defeats. Despite the disappointment, the game showcased the sheer power and entertainment value of T20 cricket, with records tumbling and players showcasing their skills in a high-scoring encounter. Cummins’ light-hearted remark provided a moment of levity amidst the intensity of competition, underscoring the camaraderie and sportsmanship inherent in the sport.

Pat Cummins said: “Against Mumbai a few weeks ago, I thought it won’t happen again, but it has happened again. Give me a few more years please (on whether bowlers will go extinct)! It feels like you bowl an over for seven or eight feels great.” The Chinnaswamy track seemed a bit slower in earlier games but things have indeed changed.I’ve given up trying to read the pitches.”

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