Home Cricket News IPL 2024: [WATCH]- Virat Kohli Reacts On Umpire’s Decision After Controversial Dismissal In KKR vs RCB Game

IPL 2024: [WATCH]- Virat Kohli Reacts On Umpire’s Decision After Controversial Dismissal In KKR vs RCB Game

IPL 2024: [WATCH]- Virat Kohli Reacts On Umpire’s Decision After Controversial Dismissal In KKR vs RCB Game

RCB’s opening batsman Virat Kohli expressed frustration towards the umpires after being dismissed during the 2024 IPL match against Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens.

Kohli was caught and bowled by Harshit Rana’s full-toss delivery in the third over of the chase, following KKR’s posting of 222 runs in the first innings. Rana’s attempted slower delivery turned into a high full toss, resulting in Kohli’s dismissal.

The opening batsman, tricked by the slower pace, attempted to make contact with the ball but only managed to get an outside edge. Rana completed the catch during his follow-through, sparking confusion regarding the legality of the delivery and the subsequent dismissal.

Kohli immediately called for a review, but as it was regarding a potential no-ball, it was treated as an umpire’s review. The new no-ball review system, which considers the ball’s projected trajectory in relation to the batter’s waist height, was implemented by third umpire Michael Gough.

Another crucial point to consider is that Kohli was positioned well outside his crease. Therefore, even though his contact with the ball was above waist height, it wouldn’t have been deemed so had he remained within his crease. This distinction determines whether a delivery is classified as a no-ball or not.

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Kohli was furious with the decision made by the third umpire and passionately argued his case with the on-field umpires, with RCB captain Faf du Plessis joining in to support him. Eventually, Kohli conceded defeat in his argument and walked away, though he remained visibly upset.

While making his way back to the pavilion, Kohli made a brief detour to express one last burst of frustration directly to the on-field umpires. Kohli, who appeared to be in good form, had the potential to further solidify his position in the Orange Cap race. However, he departed after scoring 18 runs off seven deliveries.

Virat Kohli has experienced contentious dismissals in the past as well

Kohli has had disagreements with the Decision Review System (DRS) in the past, particularly regarding LBW decisions. One notable instance was his LBW dismissal against Ajaz Patel during the 2021 Wankhede Test.

Upon being given out LBW, Kohli chose to review the decision. Replays revealed a very marginal call, making it difficult to definitively determine whether the ball struck the bat or pad first.

Due to the lack of conclusive evidence, third umpire Nitin Menon instructed on-field umpire Anil Chaudhary to uphold his original decision, resulting in Kohli’s dismissal.

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