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Jammu & Kashmir not to feature in Ranji Trophy this season; Here”s the reason

The Jammu & Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA) has taken a daring step decided to pull out from the upcoming Ranji Trophy due to lack of cooperation from the Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI).

In July 2017, JKCA has urged the BCCI to take necessary steps and write a letter to the J&K Bank to regularize payments from its bank accounts and disburse approximately Rs 34 crore, but they are yet to receive a feedback from the BCCI.

The secretary of the JKCA said that the state association has done everything which was needed but hasn’t got a positive reply. He said, “We have written to everyone in the BCCI, but till date, no response has come. You tell me how I shall run cricket here. The tournament is starting next month. We have to conduct selection trials here. If a boy comes from Jammu, where shall I put him up? Who will pay him the daily allowance? If such is the case, what shall we do other than taking a drastic step which will hurt cricket badly? There has been no word from the BCCI so far.”

JKCA has not the received any funds from the apex body since 2012 after they were accused of financial misappropriations. The issue has been handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for further inquiry.

“It is not easy to run cricket. There is an investigation taking place on misappropriation of funds here. The association needs at least around 6-7 crore annually to run cricket in the state. I want to have a Ranji Trophy camp now but I can’t as I don’t have the money to pay the daily allowance to my players. Tell me: what shall I do other than pull out of this important cricket tournament?” the secretary further added.

Shah expressed his frustration over this issue as they were not given any positive reply as to who will take up the issue with only one month left for the domestic season to start. “I was told that the matter will be taken up by the Committee of Administrators [CoA]. I went and met them in Delhi. They said it will go back to the office-bearer. Now, these office-bearers have been given a notice by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. The other day, I was told that the decision on my state association can only be taken by the general body. The next hearing in the Supreme Court is on September 19. So where is the general body now? Chances are that the BCCI AGM will only take place next month. And from next month, the domestic championship is starting,” Shah signed off