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Kedar Jadhav Posts A Cryptic Tweet After Suresh Raina Pulls Out Of IPL 2020

Kedar Jadhav Kedar Jadhav cryptic tweet Raina pulls out
Kedar Jadhav (Credits: Twitter)

The Suresh Raina saga seems never-ending as the speculations continue to rife over the pull-out. Incidentally, the veteran Chennai Super Kings cricketers pulled out of IPL 2020 owing to personal reasons which have garnered a lot of reaction. Recently, Kedar Jadhav posted a cryptic tweet indirectly targetting Raina after he pulls out.

After reports of COVID-19 fear surfaced on social media, speculations over a rift between Raina and team management has been going around. It is learnt that ever since CSK landed in Dubai on August 21, Suresh Raina was unhappy with the hotel room he was provided. He also found the strict bio-secure bubble claustrophobic and wanted a room like MS Dhoni.

Kedar Jadhav posts a cryptic tweet after Raina pulls out

“Cricketers are like prima donnas … like the temperamental actors of the olden days. Chennai Super Kings have always been like a family and all seniors players have learnt to co-exist,” said Srinivasan to Outlook. 

“My thinking is that if you are reluctant or not happy, go back. I don’t force anyone to do anything … sometimes success gets into your head,” Srinivasan said.

It escalated to such an extent that even Dhoni couldn’t pacify the situation and let Raina return back. Chennai Super Kings took to Twitter to inform the fans and offered their full support to Sures Raina and his family.

While the news has left Chennai fans shattered, a mixed reaction has been prevailing among the teammates. While all-rounder Shane Watson referred Raina as the heartbeat of Chennai, Kedar Jadhav now has come up with a cryptic message. However, one cannot surely say whether it was directed at Raina or not.

“On the path of excellence – you find 1000 excuses to let go, but only 1 reason to hold on. The choice is YOURS !” Jadhav wrote on Twitter. 

Meanwhile, the absence of Suresh Raina can turn out to be fatal for MS Dhoni-led Chennai. He has been their go-to man in the batting and also their highest run-scorer. With Raina not in the plan now, Dhoni and the management will have to revamp their batting and slot in someone at No.3.