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Top 5 Mankading Moments In Cricket Of All Time

Top 5 Mankading Moments In Cricket Of All Time

1. Jos Buttler and Ravichandran Ashwin

Mankading Moments In Cricket
Ashwin runs out Buttler through Mankading.

This has to take the top honours, Ashwin running out Jos Buttler in the 2019 IPL. Kings XI Punjab was facing the Rajasthan Royal at the Sawai Man Singh stadium in Jaipur. Buttler was taking his side home as he was playing a chanceless inning.

The Punjab skipper Ashwin was bowling a critical over in the match. He saw Buttler backing up too far in an attempt to sneak quick runs. Ashwin sensed a vital opportunity and executed the Mankading to send Buttler back to the pavilion. Buttler wasn’t impressed by this and openly criticised Ashwin. The replays showed that Ashwin delayed the release of the ball and ran out Buttler.

This was a turning point in the match Punjab ultimately went on and won a tight match. When in the most presentation Ashwin was asked about the Mankading incident to which he said he did not do anything wrong. The dismissal was within the rules of the game as Buttler was leaving his crease too early.

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