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‘You Still Begging Jobs In Cricket’ – Marlon Samuels Hits Back At Shane Warne

The Saga started by Ben Stokes‘ simple comment over quarantine in New Zealand has taken a major drop as Shane Warne who tried to hit back at Marlon Samuels over his remarks on Ben Stokes’ wife, Marlon Samuels has now gone all out against the former Australian Leg Spinner as in the latest Instagram story Samuels has hit back at Shane Warne in the ugliest of ways.

Earlier today Shane Warne hit back at Marlon Samuels for his derogatory remarks against Ben Stokes’ wife. Shane Warne in a series of tweets then called out Marlon Samuels asking the man from the Caribbean to get help. Shane Warne went on to say how the former West Indies cricketer needs serious help.

He opined that Marlon Samuels was an ordinary cricketer but doesn’t mean he’ll act like one ordinary person which is why he needs to get help.

“I’ve just been sent what Samuels has posted re @benstokes38 & I,” wrote Shane Warne.

“It’s a very sad situation as he obviously needs serious help – but has no friends at all & not even his ex-teammates like him. Just because you were an ordinary cricketer – no need to be an ordinary person. Get help son,”  said Shane Warne.

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Marlon Samuels Hits Back At Shane Warne

Now in return, Marlon Samuels has hit back at the Australian as he posted a message for Shane Warne on his Instagram story. The stories also included videos of Samuels playing his first match for West Indies in Australia where he took down Shane Warne, there was also another reference to the BBL fight between the two.

“Hey, batty face remembers the night in Brisbane I had your girl lol this man called her over 30 times haha next day she told him the truth I was just 19 with a 12 inch ***k why the f*** would she answer. So the first ODI game him start to cuss saying all types of shit I hit the great batty face all over to pack she travel with me all over Australia,” Samuels wrote in reply. 

“Your so great but yet still begging jobs in cricket I am so ordinary but a great businessman lol my schoolmates still around that’s speaks volume B***** lol,” he added. 

Marlon Samuels Shane Warne
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