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Mind games spice up the contest as KP and Mitchell Johnson get into an ugly spat on Twitter


The Ashes without verbal duels? There ain’t no fun in that! Ashes are synonymous with mind games, sledding, heated altercations. The verbal duels are not only confined to the cricket field, they even go beyond that! Its been only one test so far and we are already in for something really big. An ugly spat took place between Mitchell Johnson and Kevin Pietersen which resulted in KP blocking MJ on Twitter!


On the third day of the Gabba test when Australia was trying to hunt down England’s 302, Smith was holding one end and wickets were tumbling at the other. England would have hoped the second new ball will do significant damage bundle out Aussies. However, that was not to be! England fast bowlers didn’t show the same energy and let Australia slip away with the 26-run lead.


Mitchell Johnson tried to sled Kevin Pietersen on Twitter saying “Hey @KP24 @MichaelVaughan yesterday were carrying on about the pommy fast bowlers being able to bowl in the 140’s. Ever since they’ve taken the second new ball they’ve been bowling medium pace. They are allowed to bend their backs, and there’s 4 of them”

‘Pommy’ is a very derogatory term for a British person. Certainly, KP wasn’t impressed with the choice of words here. He replied, “Mitchell, is this you or your management tweeting? If it’s you, you not helping yourself! If it’s your management, ask them to stop or sack them!’


Johnson came up with a sleeping face emoji and said “Good response #flog” After this KP pressed the block button and the image of KP’s account showing blocked was tweeted by MJ. It sets the tone for the second Ashes Test starting at the Adelaide Oval nicely. It will be a historic occasion as it is first ever day-night Ashes test.


 – by Atharva Apte

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