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Moeen Ali’s Father Reacts After Distasteful Comments From Taslima Nasreen

Moeen Ali’s Father Reacts After Distasteful Comments From Taslima Nasreen

A renowned author from Bangladesh – Taslima Nasreen has launched a venomous attack on England all-rounder Moeen Ali who is all set to represent Chennai Super Kings in the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). The comments came after several reports suggested that the England cricketer has urged the CSK management to remove the logo of an alcohol brand from the team’s jersey.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, the controversial Bangladeshi author shared an unpleasant tweet stating the cricketer would have joined ISIS in Syria if he was not playing cricket. Ever since there has been a furore on social media platforms that forced her to give a clarification before the controversial tweet was taken down from the platform.

“If Moeen Ali were not stuck with cricket,  he would have gone to Syria to join ISIS,” Taslima Nasreen said in her tweet.

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Moeen Ali’s father slams Taslima Nasreen

Taslima Nasreen’s comment has garnered a lot of reaction on social media including the England cricketers rallying behind their teammates. And now, the father of Moeen Ali has slammed the Bangladeshi author for her vile remarks and picking Moeen of all people. He didn’t mince any word while hitting back at Taslima and the clarification also didn’t bode well with him.

“I am hurt and shocked to read Taslima Nasreen’s vile remark against my son Moeen (Ali). In her ‘clarifying’ tweet, where she described her original remark as sarcasm, she also says she stands against fundamentalism,” Munir was quoted as saying to Indian Express.

“If she looks into a mirror, she will know what she tweeted is what is fundamentalist – a vicious stereotype against a Muslim person, a clearly Islamophobic statement. Someone who doesn’t have self-respect and respect for others can only stoop to this level,” he stated.

“Truth be told, I am really angry, but I know I would be playing into the hands of people like her if I let my rage get out of control. If I get to meet her someday, I will tell what I really think of her on her face. For now, I would ask her to pick a dictionary and see the meaning of sarcasm,” he added.

Meanwhile, Moeen Ali is currently in Mumbai gearing up for the upcoming edition of the IPL. He will turn up for the MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings, who roped him during the auction at ₹7 crores. The Super Kings will open their campaign against Delhi Capitals on April 10 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

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