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MS Dhoni Opens Up On His Bond With Deepak Chahar

MS Dhoni Opens Up On His Bond With Deepak Chahar

Indian cricket legend and Chennai Super Rulers (CSK) captain MS Dhoni imparts a really solid cling to pacer Deepak Chahar and justifiably so as the pair have hung out a lot in the IPL as well with respect to Group India.

The couple have been seen having energized and comical trades on the field with Dhoni as a rule testing Chahar’s sanity. Uninvolved of the sound send-off of Dhoni Diversion’s ‘LGM’, the CSK captain opened up on his kinship with Chahar.

MS Dhoni cleverly utilized the relationship of a medication to make sense of his bond with Deepak Chahar.

He said: “Deepak Chahar resembles a medication, in the event that he isn’t there, you would think, where is he – assuming he is near, you would think, why he is here – great part is that he is developing yet he takes time and that is the issue, in the course of my life, I won’t see him developed (grins).”

Deepak Chahar reviews humorous episode when MS Dhoni reprimanded him

As of late on the show ‘Breakfast with Champions’, Deepak Chahar opened up on how MS Dhoni ‘spoils’ him a ton and furthermore shows him the correct way at whatever point the previous commits an error on the field.

Chahar reviewed an IPL game where he needed to bowl at the demise and was trucked for runs

His being costly irritated MS Dhoni and this is the very thing that Deepak Chahar needed to say regarding the episode:

“The principal ball I attempted a more slow one, however, it turned out to be a full throw and my lower leg was up to speed a little. So I figured it will not reoccur and attempted a similar conveyance.”

“Nonetheless, it became two full throws and afterwards he (Dhoni) came to me and expressed, ‘Vaise to tu bada dedh shaana banta hai. Sab pata hai tujhe. Yaha pe ye kya geeli ball ke saath phek raha hai? (You guarantee to know all that why are you bowling like this with the wet ball)’.”

Chahar further added: “My head was down and all I was believing was that my demise blowing away vocation is since I bowled two beamers. However at that point I surrendered only 5 runs in the following 5 balls and afterward he embraced me after the game. We are exceptionally close and he spoils me a great deal.”

However, MS Dhoni as of late had a knee medical procedure and had before implied that he would make an honest effort to be fit and accessible for IPL 2024.

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