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Mumbai Teen Bats For Over 72 Hours, Attempts To Set New Guinness Record

Mumbai Teen Bats For Over 72 Hours, Attempts To Set New Guinness Record
Photo: Indian Express

Mumbai’s Siddharth Mohite has spent 72 hours and five minutes batting in the nets, since Friday night, in an attempt to set a new Guinness Book record for a marathon batting session.

The record was previously held by Virag Mare, who batted for 50 hours in the nets, in 2015. Mohite has surpassed Mare’s record and waiting for the Guinness World Record Book to recognize his feat. While Mare had faced both bowlers and a bowling machine during his record, Mohite has been facing only bowlers.

In a media release, Siddharth Mohite revealed that wanted to do something extraordinary, after the lockdown affected two years of his cricketing career. He said:

“I am very happy that I completed what I was trying. This was one way I wanted to show people that I have something extra in me. Due to the COVID lockdown, I lost two good cricketing years which was a big loss.”

Mohite added:

“So, I thought of doing something different and randomly this thought came to me. Everyone said no to me. Then I contacted Jwala Sir and he said why not? He supported me all the way and provided whatever was required.”

“If Siddarth wanted to do something different, why not?” – Jwala Singh, Siddharth Mohite’s mentor

Jwala Singh, who mentored Siddharth Mohite revealed that he was not very keen on Mohite’s idea at first. However, he agreed as the pandemic had taken away a lot of quality cricket time from the youngsters. Jwala said,

“Mohite was part of the MCC Pro-40 league before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 and then during the pandemic, his mom contacted me for his cricket. But due to the lockdown, everything was closed. Then one day he called me and asked to attempt this feat. To be very honest, I was not very keen for this but I was very much aware that many young cricketers have lost some good years. So I thought, ‘If someone wanted to do something different, why not?’ And hence, I agreed to support.”

Jwala Singh further explained that Siddharth Mohite was allowed a five-minute break every hour in accordance with the rules. He also added that Mohite’s batting videos and other documents would soon be sent to the Guinness World Records team.

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