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Mushfiqur Rahim crosses the line, calls this team owner a beggar

The trouble between Mushfiqur Rahim and Barisal bull’s owner Abdul Awal Chowdhury once again came into the lime light when the latter accused the captain of Bangladesh test cricket team on a TV channel of being ill-disciplined and not capable enough to lead the side. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) said that they will issue a notice to one of its director Chowdhury.

BCB said they will pursue an explanation from the Bangladesh Premier League franchise owner who is also the chairman of Bangladesh women’s wing. BCB’s influential director and BPL’s governing council member secretary Ismail Haider said, “”We have called him [Awal] and we decided to issue him with a show cause against him. We have seen the footage and it never looked decent to us. If he fails to satisfy us, then we will take action against the franchise as there is a code of conduct for every franchise of BPL and everyone should act accordingly,” while talking to the reporters.

Awal who is the owner of the Barisal Bulls for the last two seasons said that they are not interested in retaining Rahim for the upcoming mega tournament as they were disappointed by him. “We are not interested in retaining him and we even issued a letter against him for indiscipline and making bad comments against some of the franchises,” Awal told a private TV channel when asked about Mushfiqur Rahim.


He also added saying, “He also had the problem during the previous year with the Sylhet franchise while he had a similar problem when he arrived at Bulls. Everyone expects that the captain should lead the by taking the consent of every player while making his plans but that was not the case with Mushfiqur Rahim.”

This had a very negative impact on the senior players of the Bangladesh Cricket team met the BCB chief executive and expressed their grief after the practice session got over.

While talking to the press, Mushfiqur Rahim got emotive and said, “I am playing for 17 years and have completed 12 years in the national team, but no one raised this kind of allegation against me, anyone can say that I might not be a good player but to hear that I am undisciplined or not a team man was very hurting. He could have said that I”m not a good player but to talk about indiscipline, that I”m not able to motivate the players, that I don”t contribute in the team meetings… everybody knows how I contribute. Whatever statement he gave, I felt really bad. He”s like our guardian.”

“Today it happened with me, and tomorrow it can happen to anyone and after serving my nation for so long at least I can ask for this amount of respect,” Mushfiqur Rahim concluded.