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NAVRATRI 2016: fasting & feasting the heathy way


Navratri is one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated twice in a year. People from all over the world celebrate Navratri with enthusiasm. If you plan to fast this Navratri ensure that it is done the healthy way. It can help you detoxify, cleanse your mind and will leave you feeling great!

Tips to follow to make fasting healthier

1. Eat small meals and do not starve yourself. This will help maintain blood glucose levels and prevent you from feeling low.

2. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water and fluids like coconut water, lemon water, green tea and buttermilk.

3. Combine high carbohydrates like potatoes & sabudana (widely used in fasting) with other fibrous vegetables like spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, capsicum, bottle guard, etc. Also try to bake, roast or grill vegetables instead of deep-frying them.

4. Amaranth is the best protein source you can include during fasting. Make amaranth porridge with milk or cook it as namkeen dalia with lots of vegetables.

5. Kuttu is a brilliant combination of carbohydrates and protein. Use it to make chapatti instead of gorging on puris.

6. Samak rice are extremely easy to digest and can be consumed in any kind of quantity.

7. Curb those evil sugar cravings by eating a lot of fruits raita, dates, apple kheer, samakrice kheer.

8. Try and adopt healthy snacking and don”t binge on namkeens packets as they are high in salt and fat content.

9. Instead, opt for roasted makhana, mix of nuts (almonds/raisins/walnut)/ baked chips, roasted peanuts, etc.)

10. Substitute sugar with jaggery or honey.

11. Use skimmed milk instead of full cream milk.

The Well-Balanced fasting Diet :-

Breakfast options :

Fruits with skimmed milk
Amaranth porridge with nuts
Fruits shake with mix nuts

Mid-morning options :

Lemon water with fruits
Coconut water with fruits
Green tea with water

Lunch options :

Kuttu chapatti with vegetables and salad with raita
Baked sabudana tikkis with veggies and curd
Samak rice with vegetables and salad
Post lunch : 1 cup green tea

Evening time:
Green tea / tea with baked chips/ roasted makhana / baked namkeen

Post Lunch: Drink a cup of hot green tee

Evening time: Post lunch : 1 cup green tea

Evening : Green tea/tea with baked chips/roasted makhana /baked namkeeDinDinner

Dinner : Paneer tikka with vegetables

Dinner : Milk with fruits
A bowl of vegetables and salad
Pumpkin and bottle gourd soup with vegetables

Post dinner: 1 cup green tea

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