Former South African player Neil Mckenzie has stepped down as Bangladesh’s batting coach with immediate effect. Mckenzie conveyed to the Bangladesh Cricket Board that he would be unable to continue as their coach due to family reasons.

Meanwhile, h was appointed as their batting coach in 2018 and impacted quite a change in the Bangladesh batsmen’s batting. The former Proteas batsman confirmed to ESPNcricinfo that the only reason he’s resigning is because of the alarming situation all over the world. As a result, Mckenzie wants to spend more time with his young family in South Africa.

Mckenzie steps down as batting coach

As cricket is slowing catching up the pace in the current situation, Bangladesh might need to play back to back series which involves travelling more frequently.

“Yes, I’ve resigned, the only reason being time away from the family. With COVID, the schedule, and doing all formats, the time away from my young family would be too much,” McKenzie told ‘ESPNcricinfo’.

Neil Mckenzie steps down as Bangladesh’s batting coach (Credit: BCB)

He was quoted saying that he really enjoyed his time with the Bangladesh National side and will always have a soft spot for them. He further said he’s been rather fortunate to have played with some great players in the national side.

“I’ve loved being a part of the Tigers and will always have a soft spot for Bangladesh cricket and the great guys I’ve been fortunate to work with.”

Mckenzie wasn’t on any contract with the BCB and worked tour to tour basis. He was a major part of the limited-overs assignments and only featured in one test series vs India. Now that Bangladesh are without a batting coach in their side.

They’ll soon need to find one with Bangladesh’s tours starting very soon. Wasim Jaffer could be a possible option as he was their national academy batting coach for a brief period in Dhaka.