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Nepal Cricket Icon Gyanendra Malla Shocks the World With International Retirement

Nepal Cricket Icon Gyanendra Malla Shocks the World With International Retirement

Nepal’s seasoned batsman Gyanendra Malla decided to retire from the realm of international cricket on Friday, August 4th.

Having adorned the national uniform from 2014 until 2023, Malla declared his withdrawal from the international cricket scene, drawing the curtain on a splendid career that encompassed 37 One Day Internationals (ODIs) and 45 Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is).

Malla’s maiden appearance on the international stage unfolded during the T20 World Cup in 2014, where he confronted Hong Kong in Chattogram, marking the inception of a noteworthy voyage.

His final representation for Nepal occurred during the 2023 World Cup Qualifiers held in Zimbabwe.

Malla’s journey boasts of excellence, reflected in his accumulation of 876 runs in ODIs and 883 runs in T20Is. Within this tapestry of achievements, he etched one century and notched up nine half-centuries. Yet, Malla’s legacy extends beyond mere numerical achievements.

His tenure is distinguished by the manner in which he conducted himself on the field, serving as an epitome of impeccable sportsmanship.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 knocks of Gyanendra Malla

1. 102* against Namibia (ICC World Cricket League Division Two, 2018):

In a crucial encounter during the ICC World Cricket League Division Two tournament, Malla showcased his class by scoring an unbeaten century against Namibia.

Displaying remarkable composure, he anchored the innings with elegant strokes and well-timed shots. This innings not only propelled Nepal to a memorable victory but also announced Malla’s prowess as a reliable match-winner.

2. 86 against Papua New Guinea (ICC World Cricket League Championship, 2015):

Malla’s knock of 86 against Papua New Guinea highlighted his ability to perform under pressure. Chasing a challenging target, he exhibited a perfect blend of aggression and caution.

His partnership-building skills and ability to accelerate when needed played a pivotal role in Nepal’s successful chase. This innings underscored Malla’s knack for rising to the occasion in crucial matches.

3. 67 against Afghanistan (ACC Premier League, 2010):

Facing a formidable Afghan bowling attack, Malla’s resilient innings of 67 stood out as a testament to his technical prowess. His ability to negotiate swing and spin alike was on full display as he constructed a valuable innings that laid the foundation for Nepal’s victory. This knock highlighted Malla’s adaptability and determination to counter even the toughest challenges.

4. 56* against Hong Kong (ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier, 2013):

In a high-pressure encounter during the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier, Malla played a captain’s innings with an unbeaten 56. Leading from the front, he expertly controlled the chase, ensuring that Nepal reached the target with confidence.

His ability to anchor the innings and guide the team to victory underscored his leadership qualities and batting prowess.

5. 52 against USA (ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier, 2015):

Malla’s half-century against the United States exemplified his ability to perform consistently on the global stage. Despite challenging conditions, he displayed excellent shot selection and footwork, crafting a vital innings that guided Nepal to victory.

This knock demonstrated Malla’s temperament and skill in adapting to different playing conditions.

Malla made an exclusive statement post retirement “With a heavy but deeply grateful heart, I feel it is now the right time to announce my leave from International Cricket. This sacred game, that has been the essence of my existence—from playing locally to playing at the National level—has taught me invaluable lessons about life, determination, and the power of unity.”

With every stride on the pitch, | felt the pride of representing my country, donning the cherished colors that symbolized a nation’s hopes and dreams. | have immense gratitude for the opportunities that came my way. I gave it my sincerest best, which, in retrospect, I can only hope was enough”

While Gyanendra Malla’s retirement might offer opponents a moment of respite, cricket enthusiasts are undeniably witnessing the conclusion of a significant era.

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