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When Parthiv Patel Left Everyone In Splits After He Got Pranked On A Popular MTV Show

Today Parthiv Patel announced his retirement from all formats of cricket. The wicket-keeper batsman had an 18-year international cricket career that was full ups and downs. Parthiv Patel was always a very underrated batsman and a keeper who remained in an out from the Indian team.

He burst on the scene as a 17-year-old in 2007 when he became the 4th youngest debutant to represent India in Test cricket. Off the field, Parthiv was always a very popular member in the Indian dressing room. The wicket-keeper even featured in a popular Bollywood movie early on in his career that still puts a smile on everyone’s face.

When Parthiv Patel Was Pranked By MTV 

However, it was a prank show on MTV named ‘MTV Bakra’, that made Parthiv a fan favourite. A young and innocent Parthiv had no clue that he was being filmed and MTV sent actors in police uniform. Back then Parthiv was just 18 and MTV decided to trick the talented budding cricketer uniquely.

The popular channel MTV had it all planned when Parthiv was travelling by taxi in Gujarat. The driver of the car was also an actor who made Parthiv believe that he for real is experiencing some pain in his chest and will not be able to drive the car. The driver then asked Parthiv to drive and take him to the hospital.

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Meanwhile, an innocent Parthiv had no clue that on the way he will meet policemen who will execute a hilarious prank. Parthiv was stopped on the way where two policemen asked for his driving license. The cricketer who was 18 had the driving licence but the police refused to believe that he has a legitimate driving license.

The two policemen of MTV even declared that Parthiv is only 17 years old and trying to fool them. Parthiv looked shocked and in trouble as the viewers were laughing out loud on the cricketer. After Parthiv with a concerned look on his face apologized the actors finally revealed that he was being pranked. The cricketer took a sigh of relief and had a smile on his face as he knew that he was made a ‘Bakra’ by MTV.

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