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PCB Warns Legal Action After Haris Rauf’s Fan Confrontation

PCB Warns Legal Action After Haris Rauf’s Fan Confrontation

Mohsin Naqvi, the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently spoke about an incident involving star fast bowler Haris Rauf and a fan, on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter). The encounter took place in the United States during Raufs presence at the T20 World Cup 2024 with his spouse.

During a stroll with his wife, Rauf who showcased a performance in the tournament by securing seven wickets in four matches, with an economy rate of 6.73 was approached by a fan requesting a photo.

When Rauf refused, the fan began verbally abusing him. This provoked Rauf, leading him to confront the fan, an incident that quickly went viral and elicited mixed reactions from the public.

Naqvi said: “Strongly condemn the appalling incident involving Haris Rauf. Such actions against our players are completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Those who are involved must immediately apologise  to Haris Rauf, failing which we will pursue legal action against the individual responsible.”

In response to the backlash and support Rauf received, the PCB expressed their support for Rauf through a statement by Naqvi on X. Naqvi demanded the fan issue an apology to Rauf, warning that legal action would be pursued if the apology was not forthcoming. Rauf also took to X to explain his side of the story, stating that the fan had made offensive remarks about his family, which led to his reaction.

Rauf said: “As public figures, we are open to receiving all kinds of feedback from the public, they are entitled to support or criticize us. Nevertheless, when it comes to my parent and my family, I will not hesitate to respond accordingly. It is important to show respect towards people and their families, irrespective of their professions.”

The past few weeks have been challenging for Pakistani cricket. The team’s early exit from the T20 World Cup 2024 has put their star players under intense scrutiny, and the incident involving Rauf has added to the controversies surrounding the team.

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