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Police arrest Indian cricket fans for celebrating Pakistan”s CT win


A few Indian fans across the country committed a shocker by celebrating Pakistan”s win over India in the final of the Champions Trophy on 18th June.

This came to light after residents complained to the police of a certain section of the fans celebrating Pakistan”s win with firecrackers and slogans.

It is believed the police has arrested as many as 19 people across the country on charges of sedition for celebrating Pakistan’s victory over India.

Soon after Pakistan won, these pro-Pakistan fans took to the streets shouting pro-Pakistan slogans and setting off firecrackers in celebration. The arrests took place in Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. Most of the offenders were students, laborers, and shopkeepers, all Muslims ages 20 to 35, the police said.

Ramasray Yadav, a police officer in the Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh, said he had arrested at least 15 people after a resident in the area complained about the celebrations.

“They celebrated with firecrackers, distributing sweets and raising slogans of ‘Long live Pakistan,’ ” Officer Yadav said. “They expressed hatred toward India and friendship toward Pakistan. They are charged with sedition and criminal conspiracy.”

Officer Yadav said that the detained men had declared their love for India, shouting “Victory to Mother India,” in jail.

Meanwhile, if convicted, these men could face life imprisonment.

Bilateral cricketing ties between the two countries has been suspended for a while now this after the diplomatic tensions between the countries.

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