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Quinton De Kock Deceives Fakhar Zaman To Get Him Run Out – What Does ICC Rule Say?

South Africa’s wicket-keeper batsman Quinton de Kock grabbed the headlines when he cunningly set up Fakhar Zaman for a runout during the 2nd ODI at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg. Despite Proteas securing a victory in the 2nd ODI to level the series, De Kock’s action has come under the scanner but what does the ICC rulebook say about the dismissal?

Meanwhile, the southpaw was batting well at 193 keeping Pakistan in contention for the run chase when Quinton de Kock pulled off a trick to get him run out. There was a slight stutter and the direct hit at the keeper’s end caught Zaman well short of his crease. He didn’t expect such a good throw at his end.

Quinton de Kock fooled him there, he pointed as though the throw was going to the bowler’s end which made Zaman stutter and looked back, but Aiden Markram had gone to the striker’s end and Quinton de Kock just let it hit the stumps, catching Zaman unaware.

What does ICC rule say about Quinton de Kock’s antics?

The South African wicket-keeper batsman came under the scanner with many fans and former cricketers calling him out for not upholding the sportsman spirit. The pertinent question here arises in the context of Law 41 of the Laws of Cricket 2017 (Marylebone Cricket Club) Code, which discusses “Unfair Play”.

Law 41.5 of the Code i.e. “Deliberate distraction, deception or obstruction of batsmen” elaborates under 41.5.1 that it is “unfair for any fielder to willfully to attempt, by word or action, to distract, deceive or obstruct, either batsman after the striker has received the ball”.

If in case the umpires feel that the fielder has “caused or attempted to cause such a distraction”, they are empowered to inform both the captains and subsequently award a 5-run penalty to the guilty side. However, the umpires didn’t feel the same about what unfolded by Quinton de Kock at the Wanderers. If that had happened, not only would Fakhar Zaman been not out but Pakistan would have been awarded 5 runs in their total.

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