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Ravi Ashwin trolled by his wife on Twitter on Valentine Day


Much like the general public, the famous personalities as well have a personal life. Even if there every action is well known because of the media surrounding them, but they as well work really hard to manage their private life.

Very rarely cricketers get to spend their time with their wife, their loved ones, basically their families.

One such famous sportsperson and cricketer is Ravichandran Ashwin, who only recently arrived from South Africa after the completion of test series there.

Ashwin may have taken his family to the rainbow nation but obviously couldn”t spend too much free time with his wife and two little daughters because of his on ground duties

Something funny happened yesterday though, when Ashwin tweeted a photo captioned with “lounging with the touring party”, it was a pic with his friends and partners from his cricket academy initiative.

His wife Prithi Ashwin who has been known on Twitter to be making funny remarks and jibes with her own husband on the social media network replied, “which one is the valentine?”.

The tweets both went viral in a jiffy, as this was actually a famous married couple having a jibe at each other on a valentines day. It was a fond viewing for their followers and many commented their appreciation & fond for the two.

Ashwin followed this up by quote tweeting Prithi”s reply of “which one is the valentine?” with an emoticon representing sorry with head bowling down with hands.


It was really a heartwarming moment between the two, and obviously explaining not only their love for each other but as well the business of a famous sportsperson”s life as Ravichandran Ashwin an Indian international cricket couldn”t get the time to spend with his wife on Valentine”s day.

Twitter though saw the fond side of it, as the two did as well.

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