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Recap 2015: 5 emerging batting talents of the year

Recap 2015: 5 emerging batting talents of the year: Lately, many talented youngsters have adapted themselves quite well in the international arena in their early stage of career. But a few could continue their consistency for a long time. They have proved to be a great asset for their team and played many match winning knocks to emerge as a saviour. They are the backbone of their respective team and perhaps can be a big record holder in future. Let’s have a look at the diligent talents, the world has witnessed last year, who could be the next batting legends and have secured the future for the game.

  1. Soumya Sarkar


Well this man was the topic of discussion when Bangladesh saw their acute rise in cricket last year. His consistency and class has been one of the major reasons which made Bangladesh win 5 consecutive series at home and 4 of them were against major cricketing nations. Scored 90 and 88* against a decent known bowling line up-South Africa. Averages 50 in ODIs- a distant far away from any other Bangladeshi batsman.

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