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Reports suggest doubts over All-star IPL game as franchise not keen on releasing players


The fans are keenly waiting for the greatest T20 event in India. The Indian Premier League is still 50 days away , the excitement in the fans can already be seen and felt.


In the IPL governing body meeting there was a decision made on the IPL All-star game, which was to be played before the start of the season. 

Earlier this month BCCI President and former India captain Sourav Ganguly had confirmed the fact that there would be a star-studded game before the start of the tournament. Players will be picked from all the eight franchises to form two teams. According to reports, the teams will be divided on the basis of region. The four franchises from North and East India will form one team while the other four franchises from South and West India will form the other team.

While the important cricketing bodies in the country have given green signal to the All-star tournament. A report suggests that the franchises are not keen to share their players just before the tournament. The report claims that there are cricket and commercial reasons which are the key factors for the franchises to be a roadblock for the All-star game. Some teams are also worried that their key players could get injured and may not be able to play some part or the whole tournament. 

“Commercially, we are not okay if players don’t wear our jersey (regardless of an All-Star game),” a franchise owner told the news outlet.

Another franchise said “sharing a player just days or a week before the start of the IPL doesn’t make sense. There are injury risks involved. A player will have to miss out on team bonding exercises and travel that much more. There’s only that much time that players  who arrive from all over the world get to bond with each other before the start of the tournament. It doesn’t make sense.”

The BCCI and IPL governing bodies might just push the All-Stars game post IPL to get a nod from the franchise owners and franchise. 


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