Home Cricket News Rohit Sharma’s Heartening Gesture To Give Up Bonus For Support Staff Goes Viral

Rohit Sharma’s Heartening Gesture To Give Up Bonus For Support Staff Goes Viral

Rohit Sharma’s Heartening Gesture To Give Up Bonus For Support Staff Goes Viral

Former Indian cricket team head coach Rahul Dravid endeared himself to fans with a gracious gesture after the team’s victory in the T20 World Cup 2024. Initially entitled to Rs 5 crore from the BCCI’s prize pool of Rs 125 crore, Dravid opted instead to receive the same amount allocated to his support staff—namely bowling coach Paras Mhambrey, fielding coach T Dilip, and batting coach Vikram Rathore, each slated to receive Rs 2.5 crore. This decision highlighted Dravid’s humility and commitment to equitable treatment among the coaching staff.

However, behind this selfless act was a quieter initiative led by India’s captain, Rohit Sharma. Reports revealed that Rohit had initially proposed foregoing his own Rs 5 crore share to ensure fair compensation for all support staff. Dissatisfied with the original distribution plan, which risked unequal payments among team members, Rohit’s willingness to relinquish his prize money underscored his leadership and concern for the team’s cohesion and welfare.

Following discussions and feedback, the BCCI later decided to allocate Rs 2 crore each to strength and conditioning coaches, physios, analysts, and other support staff, addressing earlier disparities. This move aimed to recognize the collective effort that contributed to India’s historic win in the T20 World Cup, where they achieved an unprecedented feat of remaining undefeated throughout the tournament. Their stellar performances culminated in a decisive victory over South Africa in the final match.

In a further development, Rohit Sharma announced his retirement from T20 Internationals shortly after this triumph, marking the end of an era in Indian cricket. His legacy includes not only on-field achievements but also moments of leadership and solidarity that resonated deeply within the team and among cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

This revelation underscores the spirit of camaraderie and selflessness that defined India’s victorious T20 World Cup campaign. While Rahul Dravid’s decision to forgo half of his prize money was celebrated, it was Rohit Sharma’s initial offer that set the tone for equitable recognition of the entire support staff’s contributions. Rohit’s willingness to sacrifice his share to ensure fairness highlights his exemplary leadership and dedication to the team. Together, these gestures from both Dravid and Sharma reflect a culture of unity and respect that played a pivotal role in India’s historic and undefeated World Cup run.

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