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Sania Mirza Reveals About India-Pakistan Banter With Husband Shoaib Malik

Indian Tennis legend Sania Mirza recently recalled an India-Pakistan banter she used on her husband during a fight. Sania, who is married to Pakistan’s veteran all-rounder Shoaib Malik revealed the same in an interview with Sportskeeda recently.

The couple’s relationship is always in the talks because they belong to two rival countries. As we all know India and Pakistan have political differences between them but this political difference has not been a barrier in the couple’s relationship. The two sports stars of their respective countries tied the knot since 2010 and also have a son.

Sania reveals Indo-Pak banter with husband Shoaib

Recently, Sania Mirza revealed that Shoaib would always use Pakistan’s overall record against the Indian team during a fight. Since Pakistan has won 73 ODIs and 12 Tests compared to India’s 55 ODIs and 9 Tests.

The Tennis star described the relationship between the two as very fun since they like to keep it light. She also spoke about how Shoaib Malik is the more talkative one than what people think otherwise.

“Our relationship is very fun. I think that’s the first time people got to see what it really is. We both like to keep it pretty light, and I think it the first time that everybody got to see he is the more talkative one than I am, contrary to the belief in the world.” Said Sania.

Sania reveals Indo-Pak banter with Shoaib
Sania Mirza reveals about Indo-Pak banter with husband Shoaib Malik

When talking more about the banter, Sania Mirza revealed how Shoaib Malik loves playing against India. The fact that he’s been one of Pakistan’s all-time greats makes her even more proud for what he’s achieved in his career.

“For some reason, he loved to play against India. So, when we were dating, whenever we spoke about it, I always used to say, ‘I’ll support India no matter what’. He’s been around for a long time and I think he has had an amazing career. I am really proud of him.”

As of today Shoaib Malik has retired from Tests and ODIs for Pakistan but is an integral part of the T20 setup. If we look back in history, he is one of the greatest T20 players of all time. He has featured in multiple foreign leagues around the world and boasts a tremendous record in the shorter format.

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