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Sara Tendulkar reveals her favourite scene from Sachin A billion dreams


Sachin: A billion dreams has already fetched 9 crores on first day of its release and is making headlines all over Bollywood. After experts, critics and fans finally someone from Tendulkar family has spoken about the movie. Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara has came forward to speak about the scene which made her emotional!

While everyone knows Sachin’s son Arjun is a budding cricketer who is looking to follow his father’s footsteps, very little has been talked about Sachin’s daughter Sara, so much that many people don’t even know Sachin has a daughter!

When asked which was her favourite scene in the movie, Sara said the romance between her parents depicted in the movie was something she found amazingly cute. She said, “ My favourite part of movie is where they speak about my parent’s meeting and the whole romance which I think is cute. Also their wedding scene is really nice.”

Sara Tendulkar along with elder brother Arjun. (Pic by PTI)

Sara also spoke about the relationship with her dad and the bond she shares with him. She said, “Growing up I never really understood the magnitude of the personality that is Sachin Tendulkar. For me, he was always my father and it was just simple. After watching the movie it has made me understand what everyone else thinks of him.”

The movie shows the metamorphosis of Sachin Tendulkar from a little boy playing in Shivaji Park and Azad Maidan to scoring hundreds for India and becoming the God of Cricket. Some critics have rated the movie as a hit and said it is not just a movie, it is an inspiration.

Bollywood celebs including Amitabh Bacchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan have also given a big thumbs up to the movie. It will be interesting to see what response the movie gets in next few weeks.

– by Atharva Apte

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