See Photos Of MS Dhoni’s 7-Acre Extravagant Farmhouse In Ranchi

MS Dhoni, a name which is almost worshipped by every Indian cricket fan in the world. The boy from Ranchi, who completely changed the landscape of Indian cricket when he made his debut in 2004. With time, people realised that Dhoni is indeed different and one of a kind.

His cool and calm demeanour on and off the field separated him from the rest. It seemed he had a GPS fit in his brain that allowed him to always be one step ahead of the opposition. MS Dhoni is known to be quite far away from all the glitz and glamour he is not on the cricket field.

He is known to completely cut off himself from all the cricketing activities and enjoys his time with his family. During this quarantine, the legendary cricketer has been isolating in Kailashpati, his Ranchi farmhouse, along with wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni and daughter Ziva. The farmhouse is located near his home city Ranchi and is just a 10-minute journey away from it.

Dhoni’s farmhouse is gigantic consisting of all the amenities in the world. It was Dhoni’s dream house that took around 3 years to develop according to the Architectural Digest. The former India skipper is extremely affectionate of nature and as a result, his farm is comprised of decorated lawns and has a variety of trees. Often we see visuals of his artistic farmhouse of social media.

House of MS Dhoni spread over seven acres

MS Dhoni loves outdoor and his lavish house is designed keeping all the things in mind that he loves. The farmhouse is a reflection of Dhoni’s personality in a way as it is completely different yet classy. Simming pool, personal gym, a garage of his own, king-size rooms you name it and Dhoni’s farmhouse has it all.

As far as the home interiors of the house are concerned, one can see indoor plants to wooden and stone flooring. Prominent colours in the flooring feature soft yellows and greys and many sequences of shades like cream. The farmhouse much like the India skipper has a peaceful and relaxed vibe associated with it. From all the hustle and bustle of the main city, Dhoni decides to stay distant from it all and leave at his picturesque farmhouse.

The tone coordination of Dhoni’s house is such that one will realise that it is indeed a sublime setting for hectic sportsmen like him to live. All-natural colours that instantly brings a carefree vibe where even you would want to settle down with your loved ones. A distinct feature at his place is a separate complex that has glass walls which are one of the most prized possessions of Dhoni as it consists of all his sports bikes.

Along with his wife and daughter, his three adorable pups are also seen at the farmhouse. Huge acres of space at his house is a perfect place for his dogs for whom the backyard is a perfect playing field.

Here are all the photos of MS Dhoni’s one of a kind farmhouse:

MS Dhoni House
The personal garage of Dhoni at his farmhouse.








MS Dhoni House
The Living space at the farmhouse where Ziva Dhoni often have fun

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